King in Black # 4 has finally revealed the true identity of Marvel’s mysterious “God of Light,” but what is the Enigma Force?

King in black He has finally revealed the true identity of the “God of Light” who opposes Knull: the Enigma Force. Marvel King in black He has seen a monstrous force unleashed on Earth since the dawn of time: Knull, the god of darkness. Relentlessly opposed to light and life, Knull ruled the cosmos in the days when the universe was young, and the few civilizations that developed rightly feared the dark. Knull was powerful enough to forge All-Black the Necrosword, a weapon that can even kill a Celestial, and symbiotes like Venom were created from his darkness as extensions of his will.

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But King in black has revealed that there is a force that is equal and opposite to Knull, and the Silver Surfer has become his herald. “For every darkness, there is a light,“reflects Silver Surfer”.An opposite. An equal. There is another. An opposite of Knull. A God of Light.“According to Silver Surfer, all the powers that to date have managed to harm even Knull, such as the power of All-Father Thor or Eddie Brock’s son Dylan, are linked to this older being. Finally, King in black # 4 has revealed that this so-called “God of Light” is indeed … the Enigma Force.

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As hinted in King in black # 4, Earth’s greatest scientists, including Reed Richards himself, have long tried to unravel the mysteries of the Enigma Force. Although it is known as a “force,” it has always seemed to have a sense of conscience and interferes with human lives at times when they are faced with big decisions. He does so in the form of what is called Uni-Power, transforming a host into Captain Universe. However, Enigma Force’s idea of ​​a priority situation can be very different from most people’s; it is as likely to help a boy resist a bully as it is to allow the Juggernaut to repair Earth’s fractured tectonic plates. Many superheroes have joined the Enigma Force at one point or another, including characters like Spider-Man, Invisible Woman, and Silver Surfer. Interestingly, his preferred host seems to be the X-Men X-23.

Captain Universe X-23

Now, at last, the true story of Enigma Force has been revealed. Like Knull, it goes back to the beginning of the universe itself, but it is Knull’s yin to yang, a force of light and life. King in black Issue 4 reveals that the ancient Enigma Force fought relentlessly in the battle against Knull, but neither was actually able to defeat the other. And so, the Enigma Force transformed, evolving from a god to a symbiote, an Other who would unite with the champions and transform them into beings who would face the darkness.

This has always been the role of Enigma Force, and it has gone to great lengths to achieve it, even creating the Microverse itself as a hideout from the agents of darkness. And now he’s come to Earth for what could well be his final confrontation with Knull, teaming up with Eddie Brock himself to fight him. King in black. It will be exciting to see how that experience changes Enigma Force and Venom himself.

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