The next Future State Batman must not only deal with the magistrate’s mercenaries, but also with the murderous hatred of his own parents.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for Future state: the next Batman # 4

In the middle of Bruce Wayne bat Man it’s your backstory. The tragedy that struck young Wayne irrevocably shattered his identity and changed the future of Gotham City forever. What would the universe of Dc comics to be—The “DC” which means “Detective Comics”, without one of its greatest champions. Since donning the costume, his nights have been consumed with the desire to strike fear into the hearts of the city’s criminals and deliver corrective beatings as he sees fit. It’s not to say that Wayne’s Batman is a bully, but his personal circumstances allow him to participate in his work with less scruples and consideration for the well-being of those closest to him. After all, both sides of the world’s greatest detective are protected by the enormous wealth of the Wayne family, with few of restrictions They often come with family power. Bruce Wayne has no parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, or any other commensurate relationship (except with an elderly and infallible butler named Alfred).

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The same cannot be said for Future stateTim “Jace” Fox, the latest hero to don the Batman mantle on writer John Ridley and artists Nick Derington and Laura Braga Future state: the next Batman Serie. As if trying to protect Gotham while fighting the magistrates thugs was notquite a herculean task on its own. Not only does Jace have to navigate the complex legacy of being a member of the Bat family without a mentor, but he also has to deal with his family. In an ironic turn of events, the two people who love Jace the most are also the two people who unknowingly want to see him dead most: his parents.

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Tanya and Lucius Fox are strong supporters of the policy of shooting in sight of the magistrate when it comes to mask-wlistening to vigilantes. Tanya, for her part, is doing everything necessary to ensure that the law that legitimizes this extreme course of action remains intact, while her husband Lucius workss in what’s left of Wayne Enterprises, now Foxtech, to Keep Peacekeepers equipped lethally. In Future state: the next Batman # 4, her determination is put to the test when she comes face to face with the man she blames for what happened to her daughter. Tanya’s zeal is powerful enough for her to point a weapon at the caped crusader in public, surrounded by innocent bystanders. If she had been faster in the draw than Batman and his shurikens, she would undoubtedly have pulled the trigger.

Next Batman Mother Gun

According to Jace’s own mother, any mask, especially Batman, has no redeeming qualities and must be stopped “by any means.” In this case, it means enabling a private authoritarian force armed to the teeth with advanced military grade weaponry. This deep-seated hatred for the crime fighter and his ilk stems from the events that led to his daughter Tamara being in a vegetative state. Although the exact details of what happened have yet to be revealed, what readers do know is that it involved: Tam relapsing and Batman. With enemies surrounding him on all sides, and some so close that they don’t even notice, Jace Fox’s turn as Batman is certainly a stark contrast to Bruce Wayne’s.

He no longer enjoys the same kind of friendly relationship that his predecessor had with the Gotham City Police Department, John Ridley bat Man he is more interested in pursuing a conscientious and restorative form of justice. Perhaps his dedication to the cape and hood goes beyond the need to channel fear and anger towards Gotham’s criminal element and more towards the need for healing and redemption. It’s still too early to tell, but thankfully this story won’t end with Future state.

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