Every fan of The Walker Dead knows the show is famous for its horrible zombies that constantly threaten lives. But it’s not just these corpses that scare viewers and make each episode full of exciting suspense. There have been brutal villains that have proven to be much scarier, be it on a physical or emotional level.

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The hit series continues to amaze fans, season after season, and remains one of the longest-running television shows in history. To this day, fans have rallied through this uncertain post-apocalyptic world that these terrifying creatures have created.

10 Sophia is found as a zombie

Sofia as a zombie

The death of this young character became one of the most memorable. Many viewers shivered and tears welled up when the group found Sophia turned into a zombie emerging from a barn. Not only had the search for Carol’s twelve-year-old daughter been lengthy during season 2, but the audience was also deeply connected with the death of an important child for the first time.

Although his appearance ended in tragedy, with Rick shooting him in the head, this event served to further develop the characters of Carol and Daryl, who became the most iconic of the series.

9 Rick’s first encounter with a mob of walkers

Rick in a hospital bed

All original fans of the show remember when Rick Grimes woke up in a hospital in Atlanta at the start of the show, completely unaware that there had been a zombie outbreak. He struggled to understand what had happened and encountered walkers individually or in small groups.

When he finally encountered a crowd of them, the whole environment changed to a much more terrifying one and he took refuge in a tank for his life. Viewers sensed the immediate threat of thousands of undead approaching and were also trying to understand just how dangerous these creatures could be.

8 Michonne meets the governor’s daughter

Michonne holds a sword to the governor's daughter.

When the governor, the first major villain of TWD – was introduced to the series, fans were on the edge of their seats every time they saw it. Tensions with the group grew rapidly and Michonne was particularly affected by this evil guy. He discovered his strange artifacts, as well as his zombie daughter locked in a room. Interestingly, when she found Michonne about to “kill” her daughter, viewers weren’t sure if they should feel empathy for her obvious concern and sense of protection for her daughter.

The whole scene is stressful because not only had fans never seen him so humbly begging the woman to keep “her little one” alive, but when she killed her, their physical confrontation escalated horribly. It wasn’t until Andrea intervened that this battle was over.

7 The murder of Lizzie

Lizzie pleads with Carol

While fans have always known that no character is safe from death in this zombie-infested wasteland, there have been death scenes that were more uncomfortable to watch than others. Naturally, this is especially true when it comes to children and humans killing them.

But when Lizzie killed her sister Mika in season 4, a heartbroken Carol was forced to take matters into her own hands and murder the boy to protect others. Fans were hiding behind her hands at the moment, but Lizzie was an imminent threat to those around her and, unfortunately, this tragic apocalyptic scenario could not be trusted.

6 A walker cut in half

Walker in the well

Walkers, tramps, stalkers, biter, zombies, or whatever you want to call them are an ever-present force in this post-apocalyptic reality. The public has become accustomed to seeing these “beings” exhibiting disgusting physical characteristics that are hideous in themselves. But some are more disgusting to look at than others, like those that have sat in water for too long, becoming extremely swollen and worn from exposure.

In previous seasons, there was a scene that remains one of the most vomit-worthy to date. A walker soaked in a well was pulled out by the group and once he reached the top, his body was torn apart and his organs suddenly fell off, contaminating the clean water.

5 Rick biting Joe

Rick bites Joe

As a horror series, TWD It has to include a decent amount of horror moments to captivate viewers who love to enjoy twisted zombie shows. Today, the terror of the carnage has become much more palpable than at the beginning. A turning point for fans was a scene in the season four finale in which Rick Grimes took on powerful and disgusting action as a desperate father.

Realizing that a villain could potentially attack Carl, he had a manic episode when he bit and bit a chunk of this guy’s neck, tearing his jugular vein. Suddenly, the savagery was on display for all to see in a ruthless confrontation that, to this day, can be really hard to see again.

4 Death of Tyreese

Tyreese fights a zombie

One of the most beloved characters, Tyreese’s death was a sad surprise. This moment never ceases to be poignant when seen again and was another reminder that death could be waiting around the corner for anyone on this show. He had overcome many things, but despite all the growth Tyreese had experienced, his departure came abruptly.

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Not that they threw him to the zombies and ate him, they just bit him and little by little he began to die. But because he was such a kind, caring, and personable character and even went on a spiritual journey when he came to terms with his impending fate, his final moments are moving and painful to experience again.

3 Connie rescuing a baby

Connie grabs a baby

AMC TWD Season 9 regained some of its lost fandom. There was an extremely anxious scene that was as exciting as could be because a sequence that never fails to touch the heartstrings of fans is one that involves the danger of babies. Here, Alpha held two men hostage at knife point because she wanted to trade them for her daughter, who was inside the Hilltop.

Furthermore, she ordered the distraught Whisper Mother to let the zombies eat her child, and this decision is already a terrifying moment. But against all odds, Connie, a deaf Hilltop resident, stepped in to try to save the little boy. It was then that the sound was cut off and the audience was in Connie’s place, unable to hear what was around her. Suddenly Daryl and other survivors showed up and fans only rested when these guys were able to rescue them.

two Negan killing Glenn mercilessly


This crime scene had to be high on this list for all the (horrible) reasons. Negan’s cool and funny demeanor could be scarier than anything else. But when his words turned into actions, his violence was incredibly outrageous. The scene where he killed Glenn, a fan favorite character, must have had all the viewers glued to the screen.

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The abilities of this monstrous villain were unnecessarily gruesome and viewers were repulsed, to say the least, at seeing Gleen get hit over and over again.

1 Young Carl had to kill his own mother

Carl and

There cannot be a single soul that did not feel empathy with this moment. Both Carl and Lori were definitely beloved characters and their mother-son bond was special. So when fans tragically saw young Carl being brave enough to kill his mother to make sure she didn’t “spin,” he gave people all the feelings.

The scene was very emotional as a new life (his sister Judith) had just been brought into this dangerous world while another was about to end. Unfortunately, all efforts to keep Lori alive right after giving birth were futile and when Carl ended his mother’s misery, it was undoubtedly one of the most devastating scenes in the history of this series.

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