From Netflix To all the boys: always and forever he wears his heart on his sleeve. It marks the end of the well-done love story of high school sweethearts Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky. As Lara Jean and Peter approach graduation, they find themselves going through a difficult time in their relationship.

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He wants to stay together as a couple, but ultimately chooses NYU over Berkeley. It’s 3,000 miles from Stanford where Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo) he. At first, he is annoyed by going long distances. But of course theirs is a deeply rooted relationship, so it eventually recovers. To all the boys: always and forever is full of inspiring life lessons told through heartwarming quotes.

10 “I’m going to miss you a twelve, Lara Jean”

To all the Kitty Song-Covey boys

None of the cool things would have happened to Lara Jean if it weren’t for her little sister Kitty’s fireball. It was she who sent Lara Jean’s secret love letters in the first place. Kitty is undoubtedly the true MVP of the To all the boys films. She has always had good intentions and, in the process, supports her sister.

With Lara Jean’s college fast approaching, she asks Kitty how much she would miss her on a scale of 1 to 10. Disappointed to learn she’s a 4, Lara Jean closes the door in her little sister’s face. But towards the end of the movie, Kitty admits that she will miss her older sister 12 out of 10 and the two warmly embrace.

9 “Katherine Song-Covey has discovered boys. God help them.”

To All The Boys 3 Kitty Meets Dae

Kitty meets a boy named Dae while walking through the locks of love in Seoul with his family. After the initial awkward seconds pass, she introduces herself as Katherine, but immediately corrects ‘Kitty’.

As she tries to strike up a conversation, the Coveys keep an eye on her. Knowing that his feisty little daughter has started to fall in love with a boy, Dr. Dan Covey jokingly wishes the best for the young man and all his future crushes.

8 “But maybe love is really about the moments when you think no one is looking at you.”

To All the Boys: Always and Forever Dan Trina

Lara Jean is able to speak quite well about love after coming to understand it better. After Dan and Trina return from their family trip to South Korea, he proposes to her while inside their home. Dan’s middle daughter, Lara Jean, sees her father propose to her and begins to reflect on love.

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“In movies, love is about the great moments. Great speeches delivered in front of everyone, ‘marry me’ written on the jumbotron,” her voice says. She concludes that love is really about two people in their comfort bubble making promises to each other when no one is looking.

7 “You can’t save this relationship if you don’t grow up.”

Lara Jean's father, Dr. Dan Covey

Once again, Lara Jean’s father gives her wise advice on To all the boys 3 film. He pushes her to stay true to herself, in other words, advises her not to let their relationship affect her upbringing.

“Listen, Lara Jean, you have to stay true to yourself,” says Dr. Dan Covey. Dan tells his daughter that proximity is not the most important thing in a relationship. In his opinion, a good relationship should also have space.

6 “I wish we had a nice meeting.”

Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean are cute

After the girls return from their vacation, Lara Jean recounts how Kitty met a boy at Peter’s lovelocks. She describes their encounter as “such a cute encounter”. Confused, Peter immediately asks, “What is a cute encounter?”

“A nice meeting is when a couple meets for the first time. It’s always nice, and that’s how you know they will end up together,” explains Lara Jean. I wish she and Peter had a nice meeting because it is important in romantic relationships in movies and TV shows. In the end, viewers find out that these two had a pretty adorable one.

5 “I understand why there are so many books there. Everywhere you look, there is a story.”

To all the boys 3 NYU

During her senior year trip to New York, Lara Jean falls in love with the city. He is surprised to see NYU right in the middle of Manhattan, which takes his friend Chris by surprise because it is a widely known fact.

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Lara Jean later tells her older sister, Margot, that she sees herself living in New York. At first she thought it would overwhelm her, but that all changed on her school trip. Lara Jean speaks enthusiastically about NYU Literature program where real authors are invited to speak with students. In other words, you can’t wait to get started at NYU.

4 “Dude, let’s go bowling!”

The Big Lebowski dates Peter and Lara

Lara Jean takes Peter on a surprise date inspired by the iconic movie, The Big Lebowski. She waits for him outside her lacrosse practice in a pink bowling shirt that says “Kavinsky” on the back.

Before Lara Jean reveals her plans, she lovingly says that she came up with a perfect date for her perfect boyfriend. To all the boys 3 pays tribute to The big lebowski for having Peter and Lara Jean reenact the memorable bowling scene.

3 “My heart somersaulted in my chest. I didn’t know hearts could do that.”

Lara jean peter kavinsky meet cute

At the end of the movie, Lara Jean’s wish is granted. It turns out that the couple actually have a cute encounter that dates back to the sixth grade assembly when Lara Jean was called on stage to receive an award for attendance. Peter vividly describes the first time he met Lara Jean in his high school yearbook.

“It was the sixth grade assembly. You were sitting in the row in front of me and your name was written on your backpack in bright letters. Director Cho called you on stage to receive an award for attendance, and your hair is tangled in your chair. I helped you untangle it and you smiled at me. My heart somersaulted in my chest. I didn’t know hearts could do that. ” Lara Jean and Peter’s adorable meeting made the hearts of their fans melt.

two “It won’t always be easy, but I want to do whatever it takes to make this work. Because that’s what you do when you love someone.”

Lara Jean Peter's contract

Peter talks about Lara Jean in the yearbook and says he’s lucky to have her. He encourages her to pursue her dreams and attend NYU. Even though they will be 3,000 miles apart, he promises to do whatever it takes to make their relationship work because he truly loves her.

Peter’s romantic gesture ends when he asks Lara Jean to consider his letter as a new contract to stay together forever. Lara Jean is more than delighted to join him on his new adventure.

1 “But I do know that love, real love, is choosing each other through everything, every day. Beginning, middle and end.”

To All The Boys 3 Lara Jean Peter Kavinsky college

To all the boys 3 ends the love story of Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean on a perfect note. She signs her contract and they promise to do long distance work. Peter and Lara Jean soak up every gram of each other before departing for Stanford and NYU, respectively. She makes the big change to her dorm at New York University, and Peter to Stanford.

“I know what most people think. Two children, 3,000 miles apart for four years? No way. They will never make it. But we are not like those other couples. We are Lara Jean and Peter. And also, do you know what 3,000 miles are good for? Writing love letters, ”says Lara Jean in the final moments of the film.

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