It is always a good idea to have a box of tissues while watching a K-drama. No matter what genre of K-dramas (thrillers, crime, romance, horror) they have one thing in common: emotional scenes that will have their viewers on the verge of sobbing. Help break the plot to be more serious and eye-catching.

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These emotional scenes can be the main characters confronting their past, unrequited love confessions to the character collapsing from stress, and a traumatic event. K-dramas do the job of creating sad and heartfelt scenes that stick with audiences much longer than sweet kisses or thrilling crime scenes.

10 Jae-won’s Confession at the Restaurant (Lovestruck In The City)

Netflix’s K-drama, In love in the city it will be one that will stick with fans for a while. It tells the heartbreaking reality of love and relationships. No story made fans more excited than those of Jae-woon (Ji Chang-wook) and Seon-a (Kim Ji-won). Fans might even be upset at Seon-a for abandoning him and lying to him.

In episode eight, Jae-woon visits the restaurant where they promised to meet years ago. Now drunk on soju, he thinks that the real Seon-a in front of him is just a dream. She plays along because she doesn’t really want to confront him. He collapses saying that he cannot forget her; they were married and it was real to him. He explains his anguish by trying to find her for five years. Saying that every day, day by day, he dies a little inside.

9 Han-sung’s Death (Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth)

Dan-se, Sun-woo in episode 18 of Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

Historical K-dramas work as well as a job to bring heavy tears to their fans. One that really drew audiences was the death of Han-sung (Kim Tae-hyung) in Hwarang: The poet warrior youth. Han-sung was the youngest and loveliest character who saw a better side of life.

In episode 18, he meets a heartbreaking death. Dan-se (Kim Hyeon-jun) forces Sun-woo (Park Seo-joon) to train with him. But something is wrong as he fights with vigor and intention. Han-sung realizes that Sun-woo is in danger and stands between him and Dan-se’s sword. Although he is slightly injured, he appears to be dying much faster. He notices that Dan-se used his grandfather’s oil on the blade and learns that Dan-se mixed it with poison.

8 The Cheating Argument (Marital Chaos)

Yoo-young in Matrimonial Chaos episode 16

Marital chaos detailed the love struggle and relationships of couples in their thirties at a time when divorce is more common. It becomes the focal point of a marriage that will make fans feel for Yoo-young (Lee El). In episode 16, Yoo-young finally breaks up with her failed marriage. She knew the whole time that her husband was cheating on her.

The scene is shocking. Holding back tears, she tells him that when a husband is sleeping with another, the wife is always awake. She checks receipts, smells her clothes, and reads her text messages. He tried to hold on and began to hate himself more for looking like his mother.

7 Se-ri yells at her father (Sky Castle)

Se-ri in Sky Castle episode 14

The emotional moment of Se-ri (Park Yoo-na) confronting her father in Sky castle will have the audience crying and on the edge of their seats. In the drama, her father controls and manipulates her. Everyone has the impression that she was a Harvard student.

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His father finds out about his lies and tells memories of his made-up stories. Things heat up when you get home. Se-ri tries to reason with him, but ends up telling him how she really feels. She explains that she tried to always live up to his expectations of her. How miserable she was hiding the truth but she endured it so that he could be happy. She no longer wanted to be the daughter he wanted.

6 Confession of Love (1988 reply)

Jung-hwan played by Ryu Joon-yeol in Reply 1988 episode

Fans can agree that Reply 1988 many felt the “second lead syndrome” for Jung-hwan (Ryu Joon-yeol). He is often remembered by fans for his desire to be with his childhood friend, but he is always a second too late. He finally confesses his true feelings and the fans cried.

The scene recalls everything from their current confession to past scenes of them together. He explained how he always thought of her. When they were on the bus, the concert and how happy I was. But realizing that it was always too late for “fate”. In the end, he realized that he had to give up his love for her.

5 Death of Eun-tak’s mother (goblin)

Actor Han Seo-jin as young Eun-tak in Goblin

Elf it was a successful show for a reason. It was not without the emotional and sad scenes that made fans cry. There is a scene that is hard not to cry over. It involves Eun-tak (Han Seo-jin) when she was a child. The scene shows her and her mother on the beach talking about a cake for her birthday. He cuts them at home by lighting the candles.

While her mother says to turn them off, Eun-tak says she can’t. He realizes that it is not his real mother, but his spirit. Eun-tak knows that her mother is dead and asks where she is. She had an accident and receives a call from the hospital. She says she already knows and is on her way. With tears in her eyes, she puts on her red scarf, looks at the cake, and finally says that she will never make a wish.

4 The Letters (Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo)

Wang So in episodes 19 and 20 of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo it was a K-drama that didn’t have the happy-forever ending that people expected. It was full of emotional scenes, but one of the most fans it got was the death of Ha-jin (Lee Ji-eun) and Wang So (Lee Joon-gi) realizing the impact of their letters.

Ha-jin fell in love with Wang So, and at some point in the show, they stopped communicating. But she continued to write him letters telling him how she really felt. In a tearful scene, she dies shortly after giving birth. When the news reaches Wang So, he realizes what the letters were and reads them. He begins to sob uncontrollably knowing that he lost his love.

3 Grandma in shopping cart (my lord)

Ji-an and her grandmother in episode 1 of My Mister

My Sir It is much more than a story of three brothers but that of Ji-an (IU) who struggles with his life. In the first episode, there is already a scene that excited the fans. She takes care of her deaf grandmother and the scene shows her in a hospital room. The nurse says her granddaughter doesn’t answer the phone, is behind on payments, and could be expelled.

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Ji-an is outside listening and decides to sneak her grandmother out of the hospital. Bed and everything. Then he puts it in a shopping cart and covers it with a duvet. Not many words are exchanged, but fans can feel the excitement. Ji-an did this so her grandmother could see the moon at night.

two Se-ri’s Close Call and Seung-jun’s Death (Crash Landing On You)

Seung-jun's death in Crash Landing On You episode 15

Audiences went through a roller coaster ride on episode 15 of Netflix’s hit K-drama. Forced landing on you. The scene had some crazed hearts and crazed teas. Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) is in critical condition at the hospital. At the same time, Seung-jun (Kim Jung-hyun) goes to rescue Seo Dan (Seo Ji-hye) and is injured in the process.

The scenes alternate between its two critical states. He had fans on the edge of their seats wondering who will survive. Se-ri is having memories of what it might have been like if she had never crashed. Seung-jun gives a monologue about fate and if one has to die, then it should be him and ask what Seo Dan meant about him liking Ramyeon. Fans mourned his death and Seo Dan losing his new love.

1 He doesn’t come back (Descendants Of The Sun)

Mo-yeon and Myeong-joo in episode 15 of Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants of the Sun He was a fan favorite for his love story in the military. Falling in love with a soldier is not easy and has its dark omens. In episode 15, the shocking love story comes to a devastating ending; Shi-jin and Dae-young are dead due to a dangerous mission.

Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo) receives a letter, last will and testament written by Shi-kin saying that he regrets not keeping his promises. The scene also switches between Myeong-joo (Kim Ji-won) learning the truth as well. They meet at the headquarters and Mo-yeon demands that Myeong-joon tell him it’s a mistake, but they both collapse upon realizing the harsh reality.

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