Walker’s late wife, Emily, was a rebel with a passion for photography. Footage from her last night seen alive may reveal that both played a role in her death.

Like many previous CW dramas, a large part of WalkerThe premise is the brooding and grieving widower struggling with his loss and guilt for his wife’s murder, yet the images from the night Emily Walker died don’t seem to add up. What happened that night still haunts Jared Padalecki’s Cordell Walker, however all that has been specifically shown is an intense flashback in the pilot. Now the show is crafting another mystery about that night with the Border Control Beacon footage leading Walker and others to believe that something doesn’t feel right about the night Emily died.

Through numerous flashbacks, Emily has been presented as a devoted wife and mother. Apparently, she was a good friend, given how Geri and Walker’s family reacts every time her name is mentioned, and Emily was also a humanitarian who was giving her time to help others. She was also a bit rebellious. Although he’s not actually in Walker’s life, his influence continues to impact him even after his death, an event that drastically changed him and it’s that rebellious streak that could be important in moving the story forward.

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As a result, his death may not be so straightforward on the CW. Walker, Texas Ranger restart. Even though Emily knew how to avoid being seen or captured by Border Patrol cameras, part of the night she died was captured in footage that seems to indicate that Cordell Walker, her brother, Liam, and Captain James will soon wonder. if there’s more on Emily’s death. than they thought. Emily’s rebellious streak and penchant for risk-taking have become firmly established, along with her love of photography. With Liam and the Captain’s confused reactions to seeing the footage of Emily’s death at the end of Season 1, Episode 5, “Duke,” it’s clear that something is not right. It’s quite possible that Emily’s personality and hobbies that were established on the show weren’t just to humanize her, but may have been factors that contributed to her death. Did you photograph something or someone you shouldn’t have in one of your careers, getting the wrong people’s attention?

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Walker’s interest in images is obvious. He feels responsible for Emily’s death, for not protecting his wife, and that guilt overwhelms him. Although he was aware of the dangers his wife and Geri faced when delivering water and blankets to immigrants crossing the border in the dead of night, he supported them. He was adamant with her in the pilot to follow his approved route to avoid detection. Later, his conversation with Geri reveals that he was the one who told Emily how to avoid the Border Patrol cameras, which could have put her in greater danger.

The CW Walker it’s just beginning to scratch the surface of Emily Walker’s murder. More questions than answers have been raised about the night he died and the subsequent investigation. For example, how was the man who confessed and charged with his death caught in just two days? There are also many questions about what Geri saw that night and why she doesn’t talk to Walker about it. It all sets up a plausible story of Emily and possibly Geri having met someone they shouldn’t have or seeing something they shouldn’t have. Before long, the Captain and Liam will have to inform Walker about the suspicions and doubts they have after taking a closer look at the suspicious video. The big question then is whether Walker you can use this new information wisely to prevent Cordell Walker from drifting further off the rails.

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