While Walker is an officer with the famous Texas law enforcement agency, the law enforcement officer has made some questionable professional decisions.

WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for Walker Episode 5, “Duke,” aired Thursday on The CW.

As a member of the Texas Rangers, the Lone Star state’s top law enforcement agency, Cordell Walker ranks among Texas’s elite attorneys, a role he balances with raising two teens as a single parent. While Walker has been able to repair his strained relationship with his daughter, at work, some red flags about his abilities arise when his undercover past comes back to haunt him. And while Walker manages to save the day in the end, doubts remain about his professional competence.

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In the immediate aftermath of the murder of his wife Emily, Walker buried his grief at work, taking on a lengthy undercover mission to infiltrate a group of violent bank robbers who used a roving rodeo as cover to commit robberies throughout Texas. After 10 months, Walker presumably successfully caught the thieves and returned home. He resumed raising his still-grieving children and took assignments that kept him close to his family. However, August, Walker’s son, discovers that the bank robbery ring that Walker supposedly broke is still very active, and the even more puzzling fact that they are based in Walker’s hometown.

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With the two thieves who survived the initial arrest now aware of their return, Walker returns incognito to complete a heist. This matches the FBI operative that oversaw the return of the original bust due to concerns about why the sting lasted 10 months and where the $ 300,000 stolen during the latest robbery was located. While Walker may work with the FBI to arrest his primary gang contact and locates the money at a dive bar where the gang used to hang out, this raises some questions about how both Walker and his superiors approached this notorious circle of burglars. .

One of the most important is why, of all the Rangers in the entire great state of Texas, the assignment was given to an undercover agent who lives so close to the robbers’ base. Both Walker’s younger brother Liam – himself a state district attorney – and August were able to track them down while Walker was with these deadly criminals, risking his cover. Furthermore, the fact that two robbers were able to evade authorities during the initial raid and that all the money from the heist was lost for weeks raises some questions about the success of the operation.

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Walker has already proven himself to be a judge of questionable character, still running with a lifelong best friend who is a notorious criminal recognized by both Walker’s family and his fellow Rangers. Additionally, he spent 10 months on what was supposed to be a three-month assignment, a particular risk due to his proximity to his family, and still failed to bring down all the criminals. Walker has certainly shown he possesses the core competencies of a Texas Ranger in his recertification process, but when it comes to undercover operations, Walker’s time with the murderous bank robber ring was a total failure.

Walker stars Jared Padalecki, Lindsey Morgan, Keegan Allen, Mitch Pileggi, Molly Hagan, and Coby Bell. New episodes air Thursdays at 8 pm ET / PT on The CW.

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