Currently, there is no event in pop culture as important or as enjoyable as WandaVision. The MCU’s first foray into television, the show also poses a huge risk to the traditionally book-based universe, thanks to its slower, sitcom-inspired approach to storytelling.

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Seven episodes in, and with only two more to go, WandaVision he is fast approaching the finish line and there are still several unresolved issues. The last two episodes are sure to have an even bigger impact and fans have already filled the internet with countless theories about the possible outcome of the Scarlet Witch and her Vision. However, one thing is for sure and that is that the finale will provide even more twists and turns than the show has provided since day one.

10 Should I take it from above?

Kathryn Hahn as Agnes Agatha Harkness Lavender Spray WandaVision Episode 5

By episode five, the action on the show is already at full throttle. With a 1980s setting and two rapidly growing babies, Wanda and Vision are soon on the brink of their wits. So when Agnes offers to babysit, Wanda agrees, but Vision expresses concern. This makes Agnes appear to have a mistake, going out of character and asking Wanda if they should take everything “from above”, a common expression in acting that means restarting the scene.

The sequence is creepy and tense, and a clear sign that Wanda’s reality is weaker than it appears. Agnes’s willingness to step out of character was so abrupt and it decidedly also hints at her real role in the story and the true extent of her influence.

9 The beekeeper

Episode two of WandaVision it is still presented in black and white. With a 1960s setting clearly inspired by Haunted, follows a sweet and teasing plot about Wanda and Vision getting ready for the neighborhood talent show. The end of the episode, however, features the first clue that Wanda is seemingly in control of everything.

After hearing strange sounds outside their home, the couple discover a mysterious beekeeper emerging from a sewer. Wanda immediately realizes that he is an intruder and rewinds the tape, resetting her reality before the man appears. It’s a great way to hint at the idea that Wanda is in control without explicitly stating it, and a perfect way to end the episode.

8 Yo-Magic Yogurt

WandaVision Yo Magic Commercial

WandaVision features numerous commercials that relate to both the time period in which the episode takes place and Wanda’s backstory. They are usually weird and even a bit creepy, but not entirely dark. That changes in episode six, when the commercial takes a turn for the macabre.

It features a boy on an island, hungry and alone. A shark emerges from the sea and hands him a packet of Yo-Magic yogurt before leaving. The weak boy tries to open it, but fails to open it and eventually starves to death. The tagline then states that Yo-Magic is “the snack for survivors.” It’s a rather dark and initially shocking ad that marks a clear departure from the more abstract commercials that came before.

7 Monica gets the boot

WandaVision Monica Rambeau

In episode three, Geraldine is one of Wanda’s closest friends. She even helps deliver Wanda’s babies when Vision can’t get Dr. Nielsen out on time. While caring for the newborn Billy and Tommy, Geraldine reveals that she knows that Pietro was killed by Ultron, causing Wanda to realize that she is an intruder.

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After briefly questioning her, Wanda throws Geraldine out of the hex. Outside of Westview, Monica lands on the grass and is surrounded by SWORD agents as “Daydream Believer” plays in the background. The moment is shocking and tense, enhanced by the incredible performances of Elizabeth Olsen and Teyonah Parris, and yet another sign that Wanda is willing to do everything possible to protect her new reality.

6 Monica gets her powers

Monica Rambeau Powers at WandaVision

In episode seven, Monica is determined to return to the curse and help Wanda get out of her reality. After his first reentry attempt fails, he runs to the static wall and crosses it. He makes his way through a static tunnel as visions of his past dance around him, in a sequence reminiscent of the initial transformations of the Fantastic Four in the 2005 film.

When he emerges, he apparently has enhanced vision and other energy-based abilities, much like his comic book counterpart Photon. Many fans believed that Monica would in fact get her powers during or at the end of WandaVision, so seeing it actually happen was beyond exciting.

5 Warning to Hayward

WandaVision Episode 5 - Scarlet Witch and Sword

WandaVisionThe fifth chapter, “In a very special episode …” features the first real confirmation that Wanda is (apparently) the only one who can voluntarily leave and reenter the hex. After Captain Hayward, SWORD’s dubious acting director, sends a drone into the hex to kill Wanda, she emerges from the static wall, drone in hand and tired of the organization’s shenanigans.

She warns them to stop messing with their new reality, telling them that she has what she wants and that no one will ever take it from her again. He makes the soldiers point their weapons at Hayward just as she reinforces the static wall, before re-entering the hex. It is also noteworthy that Wanda has her Sokovian accent during the scene, which adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated character.

4 The Twins!

WandaVision episode 6 Tommy Billy

Fans already knew that the twins would be featured in WandaVision, thanks to the trailers that show a pregnant Wanda. However, it was surprising to see them grow at such a rapid rate. In episode five, the twins age to five and then ten, and in episode six they already have their powers.

Wiccan and Speed ​​are two of the most important and popular members of the Young Avengers. Viewing your origin story in WandaVision It’s been riveting and charming, though judging from its history in the comics, the show’s ending might be less than ideal for these kids.

3 Expanding the hex

WandaVision Vision escaping the Paul Bettany hex

The Halloween episode featured the perfect combination of storytelling and fan service to make it a truly memorable hour. Not only do Wanda and Vision wear their classic comic book outfits, the twins also wear their Wiccan and Speed ​​outfits. The episode is also incredibly important because it features more of the strange new Pietro and reveals that SWORD has been following Vision the entire time.

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At the end of the episode, Vision tries to get out of the hex but is unable to do so and instead begins to disintegrate. When Billy senses his father’s anguish, he warns his mother, who expands the range of the hex, swallowing Darcy and several SWORD agents. The entire sequence is not only spectacular to watch, but also marks a turning point for Wanda as this new limit puts her immense powers to the test.

two Pietro come back?

Wandavision Episode 5 - Evan Peters Pietro Quicksilver

One of the show’s most amazing moments came at the end of the fifth episode. As Vision and Wanda battle over the surreality of their situation, the bell rings and Wanda opens the door to find her dead brother, Pietro. Except it’s not Pietro from the MCU but Pietro from Fox. Not that she could have known that, but the fans did and Twitter exploded with excitement.

Many believed that this was the ultimate confirmation that the multiverse was real and that Pietro could bring in more Fox characters, primarily Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. Others believed that Peters was in fact Mephisto, the Marvel version of the devil who was manipulating Wanda to get to her twins. The truth could be somewhere in between, but the original reveal definitely ranks as one of the most important moments of the broadcast.

1 Agatha all the time

When it comes to twists, Agatha has to take the cake. Fans speculated that Agnes was in fact Agatha Harkness, the Salem witch who often acts as Wanda’s mentor and caretaker in the comics. However, the really shocking revelation was that she is behind everything that happens at Westview, including the fake Pietro and poor Sparky’s death.

More surprising was the fact that Agatha was able to put Wanda in a kind of trance. And considering that Wanda is arguably the most powerful character in the MCU thus far, that really calls into question the extent of Agatha’s powers. Episode eight will surely provide Agatha’s motives for the entire company, but what is certain is that there is still more to her than meets the eye.

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