WandaVision Episode 7 features another side to SWORD, suggesting that Nick Fury’s plot hole potentially working with them has been resolved.

The seventh episode of WandaVision fixes an intriguing plot hole about Nick Fury’s apparent involvement with SWORD and the suggestion that they are the other true villains from the Disney + show. The post-credits sequence of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which saw the reveal of Fury’s mysterious space mission along with the surviving Skrulls, features a revealing background detail that seemed to show the former SHIELD director as aware of the situation in Westview. That, coupled with his lack of involvement in acting director Hayward’s plans, seemed to hint at a level of complicity that would put Fury on the wrong side.

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The assumption at the time of that reveal was that Fury had spent his years outside of SHIELD establishing an alternate agency, be it a version of SWORD or Alpha Flight. The SWORD theory received more weight when the hex was revealed as part of WandaVision and the same hexagonal shape was seen on a monitor in the Far from home scene behind Fury in hindsight. Whatever his official involvement with SWORD, it seemed like he had some conscience and Fury’s oversight would hardly allow Hayward’s team to be evil without some knowledge. The unfortunate conclusion was that Fury was working with a nefarious agency, questioning his own moral alignment.

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That plot hole that questions Fury’s morale now has an answer thanks to WandaVisionConfirmation that the Hayward Falls Project is not exactly a complete SWORD operation and more its own agenda. That suggests the fact that Monica can still enlist SWORD’s help in creating her rover vehicle without Hayward stopping it (as well as the level of secrecy surrounding the plan). There are clearly two factions within the organization and that means that Fury can still align with SWORD without being aligned with Hayward. That, on the surface at least, solves the problem of why Fury might be working with a seemingly evil group.

WandaVision Episode 5 - Director Hayward

Actually, it wouldn’t be entirely outrageous or illogical for Fury to take a stand against the Scarlet Witch threat. Aside from being pushed aside by Thanos, Fury was at the forefront of SHIELD’s project to secretly build weapons after Thor and the Destroyer’s invasion of Earth. He and Tony Stark shared a goal of protecting Earth no matter the cost. Even knowing that the Avengers cape was no guarantee that their main objective had changed: their very manifesto was an extension of SHIELD’s weapons program. So his involvement in SWORD fits a bit, but the idea of ​​him stealing Vision’s corpse in order to revive him and seek to take down Scarlet Witch goes beyond that logic. It takes everything established in the Fury arc and turns it into typical villain territory.

Hayward might have ideals that were born out of his traumatic Avengers Endgame experience, but his use of those ideals is what makes him a bad boy. He is a Thanos or Zemo type villain, using the excuse of his own personal trauma as justification for a clearly evil agenda. Suggesting, even accidentally, that Fury is like him or working with him is a great disservice to the longtime character. Whether or not Fury is actively involved with SWORD remains to be confirmed, but the suggested alliance is enough to have cast doubt on Fury’s current role in the MCU. Secret invasion It will certainly clarify your position, but for now, the introduction of SWORD’s seemingly different factions is a welcome solution for those watching and who may have read the signs on WandaVision and the hint in Far from homepost-credits as an indication that Fury was lost.

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