WandaVision has focused on the Nexus commercials, but what do comic book fans know about the Nexus of All Realities that fans don’t?

WandaVision features a commercial in the middle of each episode, and the Nexus announcement for episode seven might be the biggest yet. The ad sells an antidepressant called Nexus that “works to anchor you to your reality, or the reality of your choice.” Actually, this can be an important clue for a WandaVision mystery: the nexus of all realities.

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In Marvel Comics, the Nexus Of All Realities is exactly as described: a nexus point between many alternate realities and dimensions. Given Quicksilver’s appearance from the Fox X-Men franchise and the MCU’s known direction toward the multiverse in the form of Doctor Octopus and Electro, this could be critical.

10 Located in the Everglades

The nexus of all Marvel Comics realities

The Nexus Of All Realities first appeared in a comic called Afraid # 11 in December 1972. Afraid It was a Marvel horror anthology comic, which was very popular at the time. The Nexus is a multidimensional gateway that provides a path to each and every possible reality.

This has major implications for the comics, which thrive on the concept of alternate worlds and timelines, but also for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The multiverse concept for the MCU opens up numerous possibilities.

9 Opened by Jennifer Kale

Marvel Comics Jennifer Kale

The Nexus is first opened in the Marvel Universe by a young woman named Jennifer Kale. Jennifer is a powerful sorceress not unlike Agatha Harkness or Wanda Maximoff.

Jennifer’s family are the guardians of the Book of Zhered-na, a magical tome that may or may not be the book in Agatha’s basement (one of the many Easter eggs in episode seven). An early spell from Jennifer summoned Thog, a Lord of Hell, and accidentally opened the Nexus in the Everglades.

8 Protected by man-thing

Luckily for Jennifer, the Nexus of All Realities manifested in the Everglades near the abode of the strange Marvel hero, Man-Thing. Man-Thing bears some superficial similarities to DC comic book hero Swamp Thing, but while Swamp Thing defends Earth and nature, Man-Thing protects Nexus.

Man-Thing first appeared in Wild tales No. 1 in May 1971, just a few months before DC released Swamp-Thing in July of that same year.

7 Connected to the M’Kraan crystal

M'Kraan Crystal Marvel Comics

The Nexus is connected to each and every one of the realities that ever existed, including the realities between realities. One of them is an important element in the history of the X-Men: the M’Kraan Crystal. This could explain the appearance of Evan Peters as Quicksilver, Wanda’s impostor brother, but that remains to be seen.

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The M’Kraan crystal is, similarly, the nexus of all realities and a gateway to a universe of neutron stars. It is a giant pink crystal of unknown origin and antiquity, although the Shi’Ar Empire that protects it believes that it is older than history.

6 The makray

Makray Fantastic Four Marvel

The Nexus is known to connect directly to another world, called Makray. This dead brown world first appeared in Quasar # 50 in September 1993. Numerous Marvel characters converge on this issue, including Man-Thing and Jennifer Kale. Surprisingly, characters from other franchises do too. Various beings from other universes appear, including Ren and Stimpy, Appear, Starro from DC Comics and more.

This is an early indicator of the Nexus’ potential to cross beyond the borders of franchises, like the MCU and Fox X-Men.

5 Howard the Duck

lea thompson howard the duck 1986

Howard the Duck is an 80s family movie that ends up much darker than its cartoonish style suggests. The movie showed Howard traveling from his universe to ours, and in the comics, it’s the Nexus of all realities that put him on Earth. He leaves his universe towards the Florida Everglades.

Howard’s existence in the MCU, revealed in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, it could also be the result of this. More critically perhaps for WandaVisionHoward at one point became a living Nexus, capable of accessing any dimension himself.

4 Marvel 2099

Doom 2099 saving the world Victor Von Doom Marvel future comics

Marvel Comics is full of alternate realities, like the Ultimate Comics world of Earth-1610 that gave birth to Miles Morales. The Nexus Of All Realities was known to intersect with a major one, the world of Earth-928 or Marvel 2099. This Marvel line debuted in the 90s and showed the Marvel Universe a century into the future.

A future science experiment projected the heinous Marvel villain Doctor Doom onto the Nexus, where he attempted to create an army of the greatest conquerors in all of history.

3 Spider Kid

Another powerful example of Nexus Of All Realities’ ability to cross franchise boundaries is Spider-Boy. Spider-Boy is the combination of Spider-Man and Superboy from the 90s DC and Marvel Amalgam crossover event that mixed both universes together. Spider-Boy was a living Nexus on his world of Earth-9602.

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Spider-Boy and the other heroes of Amalgam have not been reviewed since, and the MCU and DCEU are unlikely to cross paths in live action, but the possibility at least exists.

two Earth 12101

Deadpool kills Spider-Man Earth 12101

One of the strangest, but perhaps oddly relevant stories for the MCU, involving the Nexus concerns Deadpool. Or Dreadpool, as he was known on Earth-12101.

This version of the mercenary sought the Nexus of all realities in a psychotic attempt to destroy all reality everywhere. This fourth wall and goal breaking episode occurs in Deadpool kills the Marvel universe and could possibly be the basis for the character’s eventual debut in the MCU in Deadpool 3.

1 Be nexus

House of M

Howard The Duck and Spider-Boy are examples of ‘Nexus Beings’ in the Marvel Comics universe. So is the Scarlet Witch. Nexus Beings are individuals with the ability to affect probability and therefore the future, thus altering the flow of the Universal Time Stream. They are watched over by the Time Variance Authority, known to be a major factor in the upcoming Loki series.

Wanda Maximoff was of particular concern because the Nexus Beings also have the potential to produce incredibly powerful offspring, powerful enough to be among the most cosmic forces in the universe. Given the focus on Tommy and Billy’s powers in WandaVision, it could be that these two harbor the power that Agatha Harkness or someone else craves.

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