It has been 13 years since the last Mario Baseball game was released. Here’s what a long-awaited sequel could look like on the Nintendo Switch.

Mario He is an athletic individual who plays all sports, from golf to Olympic diving, but seems to prefer some sports over others. Nintendo’s star plumber gets a new game of tennis or golf every few years, but it’s been a long time since he grabbed a bat and a pair of cleats for a Mario Baseball game.

The last independent Mario The sports game that included a contact sport was launched 13 years ago. Since the Wii Mario Super Sluggers in 2008, Mario has seen five At the olympic games titles and three Mario Tennis games, and he’s about to have a second Mario Golf release. However, these games pale in comparison to what Mario accomplished on the field in 2008.

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While baseball may not be the most popular sport in the world, Mario Super Sluggers offered the largest and most diverse roster of characters in a Mario game to date, in addition to the Mario Kart Tour mobile game. It also had a fantastic story mode and great gameplay mechanics that made it unforgettable. Mario sports title. A new Mario Baseball game on Nintendo Switch could improve Mario Super Sluggers‘greatness and provide players with an unbeatable baseball video game experience.

What a Nintendo Switch Mario baseball game could offer

Super Mario baseball switch inspiration

Mario Super Sluggers it had 41 playable characters (or 71, if you count the color variants). For reference, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe It has 42 characters, two of which are clones of Mario and Peach. The 2008 Wii game allowed fans to play as characters they hadn’t been able to before, including Baby DK, Piantas, Goombas, and King K. Rool. Since then, Mario The universe has expanded, adding many new characters that could easily make their way into a modern Mario Baseball play list. There were only 12 captains in Mario Super Sluggers, who acted as the “main characters” but formed a team of Mario the secondary characters and enemies was one of the most exciting elements the game brought to the table.

Super sluggers it also had a story mode where players traversed different thematic areas. Each area was associated with the game’s unlockable characters, and by completing challenges or winning baseball games, players were able to complete their overall player roster. These story elements could be improved on on Nintendo Switch and the recent reveal of Mario Golf: Super Rush shows that a free story is possible in a modern Mario sports title. Mario Super Sluggers It has already laid the groundwork for how this story mode might look, and how players could be encouraged to play through it.

It is possible that a new Mario strikers is coming to Nintendo Switch before a Mario Baseball game, but even a soccer title can learn from Mario Super Sluggers. With larger team sports, the characters do not need to be as robust as in the Mario Tennis or Mario Golf games. If Nintendo allows players to choose between Luigi and a Goomba and gives them a story mode that allows them to explore open areas, any Mario The sports game would be enough.

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