Mario Golf: Super Rush already looks cool, but it seems to be falling into the same traps as Mario’s latest sports game, Mario Tennis Aces.

Fans had long speculated on which would be the next Mario sports title on Nintendo Switch would be. After acquiring Next Level Games, many fans were expecting Mario strikers, while another vocal group waited Mario Baseball. However, the most recent Nintendo Direct announced Mario Golf, another sports series that fans eagerly awaited.

The new title Mario Golf: Super Rush, is heading to Switch in June from developer Camelot. In the Switch era, Camelot is known for its earlier Mario sports title, Mario Tennis Aces. Already, Super rush seems to have a lot in common with Aces – for better and for worse.

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Many of these similarities give players reason to be excited. Super rush. I like it Mario Tennis Aces, Camelot is incorporating unique game systems into the sports experience to create something truly new. Aces featured various time control powers and super moves that made tennis feel like a fighting game. Super rush he’s injecting party game elements that make golf more chaotic. Speed ​​Golf mode allows players to play all at the same time, competing to finish the course. It’s a novel idea that feels like it’s taking cues from both of you Mario Party Y Mario Kart.

Mario Golf Super Rush Official Screenshot

These kinds of additions to the game make Mario Golf: Super Rush exceptionally compelling. Golf is certainly not the most energetic sport, and these kinds of modes make Super rush looks more like an arcade experience than a Mario-Simulation with flavor. Of course, that simulation aspect is here for those who want it. I like it Mario Tennis Aces, the gaming experience here seems customizable to suit any player’s preferences for mechanical and control style. Also, the game looks like a lot of fun in multiplayer mode, another point of similarity between the games.

However, many of Super rush Y AcesThe standout points of comparison may be cause for concern. The first one is a bit strange: story mode. While the return of an RPG influenced Mario Golf the campaign is exciting, Aces it was announced in a similar way. However, running AcesThe story mode was disappointing. It was full of repetitive mission design and RPG elements that only paid attention to the concept. Some of the pointy images in the Super rush The trailer suggests that this single-player adventure will be more robust, but the first trailers were made AcesThe adventure also seems robust. It’s not yet clear how compelling this facet of the experience will be.

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It’s also unclear how creative Camelot will be with golf courses. Super rush it looks technically impressive and clean, but very simple. The courses shown so far seem incredibly simple. Part of what it does Mario compelling sports titles is the way they infuse classic sports fields with Mario style both visually and mechanically.

Wacky areas with wacky tricks make Mario sports games score, but Super rush It seems that it lacks that so far. While the more eclectic selections might be revealed later, Aces it lacked this creative spark even after its post-launch content was finalized. That was a disappointing element of Aces hopefully rectified in Super rush.

Since it will have been three full years since Aces For the moment Super rush releases, Camelot will have had plenty of time to polish this new title. The game is already very promising. At the same time, there are also signs that you may stumble upon familiar traps. However, even if Super rush hesitates out the door in a manner similar to Aceswill still have merit. If both games have the same quality, Mario Golf: Super Rush It will be at least a mechanically attractive local multiplayer Nintendo Switch staple. Still, with careful design, it could be even more than that.

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