WandaVision’s Julian Hilliard and Jett Klyne, who play Billy and Tommy, have impressive experience acting in high-profile jobs outside of Marvel.

The actors who play Billy and Tommy Maximoff in WandaVision They’re getting positive feedback for their portrayals of Wanda’s twin sons, but they both have impressive resumes outside of the Marvel show. Julian Hilliard, who plays Billy, and Jett Klyne, who plays Tommy, had extensive acting experience prior to their WandaVision appearances, with roles in several hit movies and television shows.

Fans of Marvel comics will recognize Billy and Tommy as the heroes Wiccan and Speed, who are members of the Young Avengers; The twins even wore their comic book costumes for Halloween in the show’s sixth episode. WandaVision He has already hinted at his abilities: Billy’s skill set resembles Scarlet Witch with powers including telekinesis and telepathy, while Tommy follows his uncle Quicksilver’s super speed. Hilliard and Klyne do a great job as young children who come to these new powers and face the uncertainties of their strange reality and accelerated childhood.

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WandaVision It is far from the first Hilliard or Klyne project. They have both acted in movies and television series before landing the roles of Billy and Tommy. These are some of the roles by which you can recognize them.

Billy – Julian Hilliard

Julian Hilliard on The Haunting of Hill House Netflix

Hilliard made a huge impression in his role as young Luke Crain on the hit Netflix show. The curse of Hill House. He was only 6 years old when he was cast in the horror series, but he was more than capable of portraying Luke’s innocence and vulnerability, as well as standing up for himself alongside the adult cast. Hilliard continued his work in the horror genre with his role as Jack Gardner in Color out of space based on the HP Lovecraft short story of the same name. He also played Tom Craft on the dark fantasy series. Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. His next project also promises to be focused on terror, as he joins the Prestidigitation franchise in The spell: the devil made me do it.

Tommy – Jett Klyne

Like her co-star, Klyne has quite a bit of experience working in the horror genre before joining the cast of WandaVision. He played the role of Joshua in Shudder’s WITH and young Brahms in The boy. He has also made several appearances on popular television shows, including portraying young Harvey Kinkle in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the young Special Agent Spender in The x. Klyne is also no stranger to superhero franchises, having starred in an episode of Supergirl. He has also acted alongside Dwayne Johnson in Skyscraper. After his work in WandaVisionIt’s clear that Klyne, along with Hilliard, will have a solid future in entertainment, including possible future involvement in the MCU.

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