The comedy How I Met Your Mother left viewers with many questions, such as how Marshall existed in the same universe as Jason Segel in real life.

The cult comedy How i met your mother May have left viewers with many questions, but one of the biggest must be how Marshall ended up existing in the same universe as a real-life Jason Segel movie. From 2005 shortly after Friends ended his ten season run and until 2014, How i met your mother used its inventive premise to let Josh Radnor’s lovable sadsack, Ted, spin endless stories about his twenty-something friends and their adventures in New York.

A classic sitcom to pass the time, How i met your mother It benefited from an excellent cast that included Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan, but failed in its final seasons before ending up in one of the most divisive endings in sitcom history. The series was infamous for featuring some sizable plot holes, but one of the biggest is Jason Segel’s strange paradox that reruns of How i met your mother created.

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The reruns of How i met your mother used a sneaky tactic to allow its parent network to announce new movies every time a previous episode was rerun, but it led to a confusing paradox in one episode, as one of these movies starred a cast member of the show on Yes. Being set in New York City, How i met your mother it constantly featured scenes of characters standing near, next to, or in front of billboards, subway advertisements, and blank screens. When episodes of the show were re-aired, the network added ads in the background of old episodes, updating them to be new ads for new movies each time a How i met your mother episode broadcast.

This intervention required subtle CGI additions, but the process led to a strange internal paradox when Ted and Barney met with Marshall (who is played by Jason Segel) and stood in front of a 2011 advertisement. Bad teacherstarring … real life actor Jason Segel. Interestingly, this was not one of many inline ads that were simply added to an existing blank canvas in the background of a how I Met Your Motherr episode. Plasma screen televisions advertising Bad teacherr appeared during a rerun of ‘Swarley’ also added to what had been a dead space behind the lead actors when the scene was originally filmed.

It’s a surprisingly perfect addition to replay that few viewers would be perceptive enough to notice, but as smart as the technology is, the process is instantly noticeable when fictional characters like How i met your motherMarshall are on the same stage as the commercials for movies starring their real-life actor. Ads were also geographically specific, with the Bad teacher paradox that only appears in reruns of New York of How i met your mother and different ads are added for different markets. The same technology was also used in each repeat episode of My name is earl, but fortunately this application did not generate real paradoxes between actors and fictional characters.

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