HeXen is one of the grandfathers of the first-person shooter game, but it’s often not given its due. That could be fixed with a new version from Bluepoint Games.

In 1995, the PC gaming market was still owned by a small game called CONDEMN and the dozens of other first-person shooters that sprung up in its wake. One of those games was Heretic, a fantasy-themed adventure developed by Raven Software. However, the team’s next project was not just another hallway shooter. HeXen: Beyond Heretic innovated in ways that pushed the genre forward, even surpassing id Software’s own releases. Despite being one of the leading FPS franchises at the time of the genre’s origin, the Witches The series is now languishing in obscurity, and that’s just one reason it deserves a modern day reinvention of the PS5 or Xbox by a talented team like Bluepoint Studios.

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Witches not only was it a huge step forward for shooters at the time, but it is a vital link between the simplistic, CONDEMN-Action-style games and the toughest first-person adventures to come, like Thief Y Half life. The game had three selectable characters, each with a unique set of magical weapons. Transmitted the innovative inventory system of Hereticand opened new paths with nuclei of interconnected areas. Flipping a switch on a stage didn’t mean opening a secret door around the corner; it meant opening up new possibilities on a completely different level. While not seamlessly implemented, the features on offer were complex in fascinating ways.

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It is in these imperfections where a Witches remake could really shine. As it is today, gamers are so far removed from the complex mazes of retro shooters that they play through Witches without some kind of tour it is overwhelming. The controls for some parts of the game, particularly the switching between inventory items, could also use an update. Shooters have come a long way since the early ’90s, and even die-hard shooters fans like Witches I would admit id’s CONDEMN reboot found a way forward for retro FPS that makes sense in a modern context.

Why Bluepoint Games should remake HeXen For PS5

Hexen: beyond the heretic

Original Witches Developer Raven Software still exists as an Activision studio, but it’s vastly different than it was when it made the seminal fantasy FPS. Many of the developers who worked on games like Witches have moved to other companies, such as Roundhouse Studios, and the remaining team primarily supports Activision’s annual program Obligations releases. A new developer would have to step in and take over the main effort to create the game, and there are few better at remastering classics than Bluepoint Games. While their last two releases have been Sony titles a far cry from the fast-paced action of a retro FPS, the team is experienced in the area and has seen one of the ’90s classics reworked in much the same way as Bluepoint’s. Shadow of the colossus it would be a sight to behold.

There is also the question of who could allow a new Witches to get to market. Both Activision and id Software, as well as future id Software parent company Microsoft, are likely to be involved in a new Witches Game publishing rights. Currently, Bluepoint also has strong ties to Sony, which further complicates the situation. However, in a world where all these publishers could come together to strike a deal, the resulting product would be a perfect fit. Eternal DOOM and the rest of the retro FPS boom.

Even if Bluepoint Games isn’t the studio to do it, HeXen: Beyond Heretic he is a prime candidate for an unexpected revival. The series name still carries enough weight to signify something, but it has been out of the public eye long enough that a revival can be anything the developer wants it to be. If nothing else, the legacy of Heretic Y Witches they deserve a better ending than a trademark dispute, and maybe that better ending will come, one way or another.

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