Interest in the lore of the DC Universe has expanded after the success of the DCEU films, with Wonder Woman being the most successful so far. The Amazons have sparked so much interest from fans that there will be a spinoff movie based entirely on this tribe.

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It’s worth knowing more about the Amazons from the source material, as the DCEU derives most of its characters’ backstory from there. There have been many retcons and reinventions of the Amazons in its long history, but some have distinguished themselves in the grand scheme of things.

10 Its original story had Aphrodite as its creator

wonder woman aphrodite

The first story with Wonder Woman in All Star Comics # 8 established that the Amazons were from a place known as Paradise Island. Aphrodite was the one who sculpted all the Amazon women in clay and gave them life.

In this continuity, the last to be sculpted was Diana, which made her the youngest. At that time, the Amazons lived to serve Aphrodite and the Goddess was the one who granted them life, favor and immortality.

9 Wonder Woman had to win a competition against the Amazons to accompany Steve Trevor

wonder woman all star comics cropped

The first story is the best comic for new readers because it establishes both Wonder Woman and the Amazons. It represented Steve Trevor landing on Paradise Island by accident and discovering the Amazons that inhabited the place.

After learning of the World War that was taking place in the human world, the Amazons participated in a competition to decide who would accompany Steve back to his world and fight alongside him. This competition was very similar to the one shown in the introduction to Wonder Woman 1984, and Diana ended up winning.

8 Hercules is the reason for the exile of the Amazons

hercules dc comics

This would be an interesting story for the DCEU to adapt to, as the origins of the Amazons have yet to be depicted in that universe. All Star Comics # 8 showed the history of the Amazon, once a great nation that Hercules decided to conquer.

While losing Hippolyte, he seduced her into stealing the magic sash, which enraged Aphrodite enough to claim the immortality of the Amazons. Although Hippolyte managed to regain the belt and his immortality, Aphrodite banished the Amazons to Paradise Island as punishment for failing in the human world.

7 There is a tribe known as the Amazons of Bana-Mighdall


It remains to be seen if this tribe becomes one of the next villains that the DCEU Wonder Woman will fight, as the Amazons of Themyscira were shown to have contentious relationships with the Amazons Bana-Mighdall. Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 29-33 showed the origins of this tribe.

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They are a dissident group that was part of the Antiope tribe that never obtained immortality from the Amazons Themyscira. Because of this, they were forced to accept the favor of the Egyptian gods who granted them the city of Bana-Mighdall which was surrounded by a powerful sandstorm to protect their land.

6 Post-crisis Amazons are reincarnated souls

amazon hippolyta

This is an origin story that the DCEU has ignored until now, as the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreincarnated souls becoming warriors might be too far-fetched. In the post-crisis continuity of the DC Universe, the story of the Amazons was changed to represent them as women who were once killed by men.

Artemis was the one who gave them life in this continuity, as she transformed them from their sculpted clay forms into strong bodies with eternal youth and trained them to be warriors much like the goddess who gave birth to them.

5 The greatest Amazon warrior is known as Wonder Woman

amazon wonder woman

It’s no wonder Diana is Wonder Woman, as she is the strongest Amazon yet. In fact, being Wonder Woman is not just a superhero title, as the nickname is given to Amazon who has proven to be a champion and ambassador for Themyscira.

Diana’s mother, Hippolyta, was Wonder Woman before her, having been the one who led the Amazons to Paradise Island after freeing them from Hercules’ slavery. The Amazon who proves that she can usurp Diana’s accomplishments will become Wonder Woman instead.

4 Amazons have their own courtship ritual

Wonder Woman Vol. 3 # 18 is a comic that DCEU fans will enjoy reading as it shows more information about the Amazons. The courtship ritual of the women of the island was shown, which consisted of handing a coconut from one Amazon to another, containing a necklace and a bracelet.

Whoever initiates the courtship must place the necklace around the neck of the amazon he is chasing and wrap the bracelet around the wrist. If the intended lover accepts this gift, the Amazons are considered to be in a relationship.

3 Its most sacred event is the feast of five

Wonder Woman Party Five

The origins of the Amazons have undergone enough changes to end the belief that five original goddesses were responsible for their creation. The Fiesta de los Cinco is meant to be a celebration of this event and a tribute to the goddesses.

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It is the most sacred day for the Amazons, as it signifies their beginning as a tribe and recognizes the legacy they have forged. To this end, the Feast of the Five is considered a day when they do their best in celebration and prayer to the goddesses.

two Amazons can heal themselves from the ground


Amazons can be wounded by powerful weapons, but they are inherently immortal and have a natural healing factor. However, they can still die or be mortally wounded, but they can be healed by using the Earth’s soul to renew their bodies, as seen in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 30.

Diana was shown doing it in Wonder Woman Vol. 2 # 120, where she prayed to Gea to grant her this healing ability, explaining that it is not something that Amazons can do all the time and that prayer can only be answered in special circumstances.

1 Amazons have multiple ethnicities

amazon dc

Initially, it seemed as if the Amazons only had Wonder Woman-like appearances. Nevertheless, Secret files and origins of Wonder Woman He did his best in Amazonian history and showed that the tribe has all ethnicities in its ranks.

This makes Themyscira a multi-ethnic place, even if only inhabited by women. Each woman is considered a warrior and trained in the same way in a number of skills.

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