Grandma’s goodness is immortal and super strong, among other abilities

Speaking of the New Gods, Granny Goodness’s upbringing as part of the said alien race helps her maintain more than just a good reputation in a team of female warlords. There is great power that comes with being a new God and she is certainly no exception. She has also been gifted with her typical superhuman strength, extreme agility, manipulation of various forms of energy, possession of other beings, and enhanced senses such as sight, smell, and hearing.

Of course, not all of his abilities are natural, such as his masterful skill in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. His most crucial ability is immortality, which also correlates with his toughness and invulnerability. It is also the secret of her youthful and lively spirit despite her elderly appearance, as well as the celebrity that served as a fascinating inspiration.

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