Pre-orders for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword were temporarily out of stock on Amazon in the US and UK after Nintendo Direct.

Pre-order for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD They have been out of stock on Amazon even though they were announced only a few days ago. During a Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, the producer of the The legend of Zelda franchise, Eiji Aounuma, announced that a remastered version of 2011 Sword to the sky would arrive on Nintendo Switch on July 16. Aside from graphical updates, the Switch version of Sword to the sky It will include a better frame rate and improved controls, giving gamers a choice between traditional motion controllers with Joy-Cons or a purely button-based control scheme.

There was a lot of excitement and speculation online entering the Nintendo Direct, especially for Zelda fans. 2021 marks 35th first anniversary Zelda game, so there was hope that Nintendo would try the 35 Zeldath with the same fanfare as Mario’s 35th anniversary got last year. Fans really expected a collection of older titles like the Super Mario 3D All Stars bundle that was released for Switch last September. There has also been no news about the Breath of the wild sequel since it was announced during Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct, so there’s been a lot of anticipation for more news on that front. During last week’s Nintendo Direct, before announcing Sword to Heaven HD, Aounuma acknowledged the excitement around the Breath of the wild sequel and said there would be more news about it later this year.

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A report from Nintendo Life found that pre-orders for Sword to Heaven HD they were temporarily out of stock at Amazon in the US and UK. The game has since been back on Amazon in the US, but Amazon UK has removed the game at the time of writing. Although there was a lot of disappointment online that a collection of Zelda games was not announced during the Direct, it seems there are still a lot of people excited to be playing the Wii Swan Song in July.

Link fighting moblins in Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

This is a sign that it might also be difficult to get the Legend of Zelda-themed Joy-Con controllers that were announced with Sword to Heaven HD. The Joy-Con are blue with gold designs around the sticks and buttons to resemble the Master Sword (right) and the Hylian Shield (left). Nintendo hardware is often a hot commodity and there is often a shortage in the amount of product available. It has also been difficult to find Nintendo Switch consoles in store and online during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is probably not helping Nintendo’s production line.

It is not surprising that Sword to Heaven HD pre-orders sold out. Zelda is Nintendo’s second largest franchise behind the world famous Mario. There are Switch owners who haven’t played Sword to the sky however, either because they missed their original release on Wii or because the Switch is their first game system. Sword to Heaven HD chances are it will have a successful launch, and those who want a physical copy of the game better stay tuned, because supplies may not last.

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Source: Nintendo Life

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