Musicians often pay tribute to other artists through musical versions. These are some of the best covers based on YouTube views.

There is a saying that the best artists steal. While the writing can be a bit harsh, there is some truth to the claim that it is always possible for an artist to take works from the past and make them his own. In these cases, the pre-released song covers by these artists have achieved legendary status on YouTube.

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Youtube is the perfect place to understand how vast the group of listeners is across the digital frontier. The sheer scale on which these songs are heard is almost, if not totally, unfathomable. Sometimes a musician’s cover can even gain much more notoriety than its original predecessor.

10 “Greatest Love of All” Whitney Houston – 189 million views

A beautiful performance from Whitney as always. Originally performed by George Benson, Houston released this song for a wider audience to enjoy in awe of its intoxicating talent. In the video, she sings with joy and confidence on stage. Despite all the moving parts around her, she stands up to sing with all the love and dedication that is possible to infuse into a song, looking emotionally content within herself.

9 Alien ant farm “Smooth Criminal” – 210 million views

It’s quite a feat to get such an amount of views to compare it to the Michael Jackson original, but Alien Ant Farm pulled it off. While the original version has 494 million views, this band managed to reach almost half. The unique rocker twist is the perfect excuse to bang your head for 3 1/2 minutes.

8 Natalie Imbruglia “Torn” – 211 million views

Ibrulia’s cloying melody based on Ednaswap’s single brings a nostalgic 90s swoon. Many people are wary of crying to the easy-singing chorus, often in cars due to the massive radio play at the time or karaoke. The serious lyrics and delivery of the song have made many people remember something, or someone, that they once had, as Ibrulglia does in his music video.

7 “Nothing Compares 2 U”, Sinead O’Connor – 236 million views

Sinead O’Connor’s blues ballad displays a variety of emotions, including heartbreak and loss. The cover of Prince’s single has caused some controversy, mainly between Prince and Sinead due to O’Connor not notifying Prince about the cover and, as she puts it, “she didn’t like him swearing in interviews.”

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Nonetheless, her single climbed the charts and has been tagged by many publications as one of the best songs of all time, as well as one of the most recognizable music videos of all time, as he lip-syncs confrontatively and emotionally towards the camera.

6 “The Man Who Sold the World” Nirvana – 333 million views

Nirvana’s iconic introduction to the world, the famous MTV Unplugged live performance, ranks high. Seeing him as part of the late Kurt Cobain’s legacy, the band’s timid, laid-back yet precise performance has solidified them in the eyes of many music fans as one of the greats, capable of taking on the otherworldly and paced David. faster. Original Bowie. In consideration of the number of hits, Nirvana knocks Bowie down fifteen times.

5 “Lady Marmalade” Christina Aguilera, Lil ‘Kim, Mya and Pink – 378 million views

A delightful take on Labelle’s single, the collaboration between the group of artists creates a shot that includes deep, powerful vocals and catchy theatricality. The cover was created in the name of the energetic musical jukebox. Red windmill! by Baz Luhrmann. If there is any song that defines the quirk and circus charm of the movie, this is it. Aguilera’s lead vocals are particularly memorable.

4 “Girls just want to have fun” Cyndi Lauper – 888 million views

The definitive song about letting go of what others think of you, Cyndi Lauper’s version of Robert Hazard’s single has been recognized by generations of women struggling against patriarchal oppression.

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It’s not just about literally going out and having a good time, but it has motivated millions to take society’s views on women’s roles into their own hands and tear them apart for the sake of confident self-expression. Lauper’s version is and will forever be one of the most motivating songs to inspire those who feel they have not been able to let go and be themselves.

3 “What a wonderful world”, Israel ‘Iz’ Kamakawiwo’ole – 1.03 billion views

While Louis Armstrong’s beautifully written jazz single will always stand its ground, Iz’s version struck a chord with audiences in a way that shook the music industry at the time. His simple and softly sung version on his ukulele brought tears and love to many people around the world. His sudden passing solidified the poignant song forever as a reminder of how wonderful the world is and to appreciate life.

two “I will always love you”, Whitney Houston – 1.09 billion views

It’s no surprise that this beautiful ballad by the late legend Whitney Houston has garnered over a billion views on YouTube (more, if you include the various videos and audio versions included on the platform).

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Her resounding version of fellow icon Dolly Parton will always convey the great emotion of a powerful performance that has left a mark on music history forever. Not to mention, it became a common meme in the era of YouTube’s Vine compilations.

1 “Axel F” Crazy Frog – 2 billion views

The internet’s favorite frog and the single most annoying one wins the game in views, proving that his solid 2005 beats are as catchy and iconic as ever. Love or hate the high-pitched version of Harold’s single Faltermeyer from the album “Beverly Hills Police,“This bop has been used many times in movies, television, high school dances, and cheesy seminars. As for how exactly Crazy Frog beat it.”I will always love you, “Whitney Houston’s could remain a mystery forever.

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