Superman is the greatest hero in the DC Universe and in comics in general, the prototype of every superhero in costume that came after him. He’s also no stranger to teams, having worked with many of the heroes on Earth and beyond. Superman can get along with almost any hero and his variety of powers and years of experience fighting the most dangerous enemies make him useful in almost any situation.

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Superman hasn’t teamed up with too many Marvel heroes in the past. However, there are many heroes in the Marvel Universe that the Man of Steel would have big crossovers with, and some of them he should stay away from.

10 Should cross with: Captain America

Captain america with shield

At first glance, a team between Superman and Captain America seems too cliché and predictable to be interesting. This assumption is largely correct, but that’s pretty much the point of them coming together – to see the leaders of their respective universes come together. Like Superman, Captain America is an integral part of the Marvel Universe and that’s reason enough for the two to have a crossover.

The closest they came to teaming up was JLA / Avengers but the two characters need a team of their own so that readers can see them interact with each other and really enjoy it.

9 Shouldn’t cross with: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe and that’s a blow against her and Superman coming together – the level of power of a threat that could bring the two together would be so ridiculous it would justify a League of Laws team. Justice / Avengers. -up more than one of Captain Marvel / Superman. On top of that, their personalities would clash too much for their interaction to be even slightly interesting.

Honestly, there are too many reasons for this. do not to form a team of what is there for them to team up. A crossover between the two is completely unwarranted and would require too many overpowered villain tricks to make it work.

8 Should cross with: The Sentry

The Sentry has often been regarded as Marvel’s Superman and was created to be a powerful hero with a Marvel twist, one that made him extremely interesting and set him apart from his spiritual inspiration. A crossover between the two would definitely highlight the differences between the two characters and could be a great way to take the Sentry in a more heroic direction than it’s been lately.

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Superman would go out of his way to help the Sentry fight his demons and Superman’s example might just be the push the Sentry needs to fight his darker tendencies. It’s rare for a crossover between companies to have a lasting effect on a character, but this would be a justifiable opportunity to counter that trend.

7 Shouldn’t cross with: Wolverine

Wolverine Wild Avengers

Wolverine is the best at what he does and that is often associated with other heroes. Wolverine has teamed up with most of the Marvel Universe, but he and Superman wouldn’t be that great. It would be the kind of cliché “heroes collide, then come to an understanding and take down the villain” that just isn’t worth doing.

It practically writes itself, which is never good. There’s nothing about it that really warrants the two of them crossing paths – does anyone really need to see Superman lecturing Wolverine about killing or Wolverine being patronizing of Superman? There is nothing special there.

6 Should cross with: Doctor Strange

doctor strange powers

A crossover with Doctor Strange would take Superman out of his comfort zone and that’s only worth the price of admission. Superman is vulnerable to magic and most of Strange’s enemies are based on magic, so for once Superman would be the weak link on the team. Doctor Strange is used to fighting enormously powerful enemies that he has to outsmart himself and even without his powers, Superman would be an asset in that kind of fight.

On top of that, they would probably get along very well, gaining a mutual respect that would grow as they worked together.

5 Shouldn’t cross with: Daredevil


Superman has teamed up with many street-level heroes in his time, but a cross between him and Daredevil just wouldn’t work at all. Their personalities aren’t exactly complimentary and they really wouldn’t have anything in common to talk about. On top of that, Daredevil wouldn’t be of much help against any of Superman’s villains and Superman could take down anyone Daredevil fights in fractions of a second.

There really is no reason for them to join. It wouldn’t be very entertaining, Superman wouldn’t need Daredevil’s help at all, and their interaction would be non-existent.

4 Should cross with: Silver Surfer

Superman and Silver Surfer were made to intersect. They are both ultra-powerful and ultra-altruistic aliens who love planet Earth. They would immediately bond and work very well together. Seeing them work together against Galactus, Thanos or Annihilus would be amazing.

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The cosmic side of the Marvel Universe has always been one of its strengths and watching Superman have a great cosmic adventure with the Silver Surfer would be a treat for everyone. It’s a crossover that makes perfect sense for both characters and it would be a pleasure to read.

3 Shouldn’t cross with: Adam Warlock

While Superman having cool cosmic adventures with the Silver Surfer would be a lot of fun, the same can’t be said for a crossover with Adam Warlock. First of all, Adam Warlock is so out of date right now that no one is yelling at him to team up with anyone. Second, it has always been a bit overwhelming, its air of superiority making it a difficult task to read.

Finally, there is no scenario that is interesting enough to bring the two together. Pretty much any other cosmic Marvel character would do a crossover with Superman better than Adam Warlock. There is nothing to justify putting them together.

two Should cross with: Thor

Thor Thunder feature

When most people think of Superman and Thor, they automatically jump to the two fighting, but in reality, a fight between the two would never happen. Superman would respect Thor in the same way he respects Wonder Woman: as a powerful warrior with years of experience and a different way of doing things. At the same time, Thor would treat Superman the same way he treats Cap: as a hero worthy of his respect and admiration.

The two of them would work very well together, their great power and skill complement each other. Their different way of doing things would allow them to defeat almost any enemy they came across and they would be quick friends.

1 Shouldn’t cross with: Iron Man

Iron Man with repulsors

Iron Man and Superman just wouldn’t work well together, and it wouldn’t be Superman’s fault. He’s used to working with a know-it-all who can be a bit insufferable, but Batman and Iron Man are two very different types of people. Batman is sure of himself; Iron Man is arrogant and can be a bit disrespectful, which will make any crossover between the two untenable.

Seeing Iron Man attack Superman and try to prove that he is somehow better than the Man of Steel would get a bit annoying after a while and make Iron Man bad because Superman would never sink to his level. Also, this is another example of Superman who practically doesn’t need Iron Man’s help at all; Superman can literally quickly read a library and his perfect memory retention would allow him to solve any problem that Iron Man could and none of Iron Man’s enemies would give Superman too much trouble.

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