Armando and Kenny from Boyfriend in 90 Days: The other way they are engaged, but Armando’s mother has not yet told his father about their upcoming nuptials.

The new spin-off of Discovery + 90 days naked all revealed that Armando Rubio’s father still does not know that he is engaged to Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier. 90 day fiancé: the other way The couple Armando and Kenny got engaged during their season of the show. It was a sweet moment, but the couple have had a difficult road, not because of the internal conflict between the two men, but because Armando’s family is having a hard time accepting that he is gay.

TOrmando told his parents (again) during The other way, but they haven’t fully embraced it since the reveal. Armando and his family live in Mexico, and their family’s traditions and beliefs make it difficult for them to accept their son’s sexuality. Armando’s fiancé, Kenny, has been understanding, but it hasn’t been easy for the couple not having the full support of Armando’s family. In this week’s episode of 90 days naked all, Host Shaun Robinson continued her tradition of having exclusive interviews with The other way to emit.

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90 days naked all Season 1, Episode 6 was the first time Robinson revealed parts of his interview with Armando and Kenny. The two talked about their engagement and upcoming wedding, but the main topic of discussion was Armando’s family and how they have been responding to his relationship with Kenny. Armando revealed that due to COVID-19, he has not really been able to see his family. Said they’ve been away from home while he trying to quarantine as much as possible.

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Armando revealed that because of this, Kenny really hasn’t been able to get to know his family better, and that has helped expand the barriers between them. 90 days naked all He also had Armando’s mother, Virginia, and his sister, Deborah, appear for virtual interviews. Armando, Virginia and Deborah were excited when they saw each other. Armando said it’s been a while since he saw them and he misses his family. Robinson also asked Kenny why he didn’t make Armando’s family appear in the proposal, and he shared that he knew they were still getting used to being a couple, so he didn’t want to include anything that would have. away from the special moment.

90 days naked all It also showed a clip of the scene from Kenny and Armando’s proposal while Virginia and Deborah were on screen. Robinson asked Armando’s mother how she felt about seeing his proposal. She said she’s used to them being together now, so it didn’t bother her. The discussion then centered on Armando’s father and why he was not present for this conversation. Armando’s mother said that he wouldn’t want to be there for that. Robinson then asked how Armando’s father felt about their engagement, and Armando directed the question to his mother.

He then surprised everyone by revealing that Armando’s father doesn’t know. She hasn’t told him yet. Armando seemed on the verge of tears after hearing this news. It was sad to see Armando so upset. Hopefully someday soon, Armando’s father will know about their upcoming wedding and will be able to hug Armando and Kenny and their relationship. Armando and Kenny seemed hurt that Armando’s father didn’t know about his upcoming marriage, but they seem to understand that it will take time for him to accept it and are willing to wait.

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