Larissa Lima has drastically changed her appearance since she appeared on 90 Day Fiancé. But fans are confused by his latest procedure.

Previous 90 day fiancé Star Larissa Lima has never kept her plastic surgeries a secret. The 34-year-old has been open with fans about the many cosmetic procedures she has undergone, totaling tens of thousands of dollars. The mother of two underwent some procedures earlier in the year that she has recently been showing off to her consistent fan base. The most recent cosmetic enhancement she revealed to fans is her abdominal implants that give her body a chiseled look. Unfortunately, not all fans liked the look.

Larissa appeared in season 6 of 90 day fiancé, where she rose to infamy due to her relationship with now-ex-husband Colt Johnson. Now living in Colorado Springs, the Brazilian bombshell can’t seem to stay away from her on-and-off boyfriend Eric Nichols. The couple appeared in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? before TLC terminated Larissa’s contract. However, the ex-couple has been featured on Eric and Larissa’s social media lately despite their public split in November. Eric has been helping Larissa recover from her latest procedures and the couple even spent Valentine’s Day together last week.

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Eric was also the on-call photographer for some of Larissa’s most recent Instagram posts, such as a full-body photo shared on Saturday. The 34-year-old shared a photo of herself in white gym shorts, a floral sports bra, and white socks with sneakers. The photo shows Larissa’s new abs. It appears that the Brazilian was receiving too many comments about her body, as she disabled the comments in the post. However, Larissa has opened up on her Instagram Stories about being satisfied with the results of her abdominal implant surgery, which she had in Las Vegas. You can see a screenshot of Larissa’s post below:

Larissa Lima 90 Day Fiancé

Although Larissa did not allow comment on her ab post, the same photo was shared with a fan account. @ 90dayfiancefanatics2. The open comment section allowed fans to share their mostly negative opinions about the cosmetic procedure. The vast majority of fans were shocked by the transformation and found it to be unnatural. “These fake abs are killing me“says the main comment on the photo, while many people agreed that they were too much. “I can’t believe there is a surgeon who can mutilate someone like that. It’s sad.” one person wrote. “I’m pretty sure that’s a mental condition right now.” another fan intervened. “I should use some of that money for advice or some kind of help. ”

Although Larissa does not have her two children with her, she has expressed that Eric supported her during her surgeries. After sharing her photo, Larissa also posted a photo of herself and Eric. “Thank you for understanding me, taking care of me during my surgeries, motivating me to the gym, and being a good father to Mapa.“He captioned that shot of the two. Although Larissa and Eric will not appear in any new 90 day fiancé content, both are very active on social media. Larissa has been sharing new content on Instagram, OnlyFans, and YouTube to keep her fan base and baking account satisfied.

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Source: Larissa Lima / Instagram, @ 90dayfiancefanatics2 / Instagram

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