Alien 3 has a lot of story problems, but the movie’s biggest plot hole doesn’t explain how a Xenomorph egg ended up aboard the Sulaco.

The infamous sequel Alien 3 has a lot of story trouble, but the movie’s biggest plot hole doesn’t explain how a Xenomorph egg ended up aboard the Sulaco. Directed by the future Se7en director David Fincher, 1992 Alien 3 is one of the most divisive entries in the franchise that launched with the Ridley Scott classic “haunted house in space” Alien. Darker, bleaker, and less action-oriented than James Cameron’s 1986 predecessor Aliens, Alien 3 it upset loyal viewers, the general public, and even its director has effectively repudiated the sequel.

Alien 3 was a victim of a tortured production process that saw producers reject numerous impressive scripts, including a draft of Neuromancer cyberpunk author / legend William Gibson, before putting together a sequel that used elements of all of them. Critical reaction to Alien 3 It was somewhat brutal upon release, with the film’s oppressive tone and the deaths of the main characters being two commonly cited complaints. However, the general reception of the three-school has thawed over time, with some finding the film highly underrated and praising it for taking a bold risk with the series.

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As Alien 3 The script was essentially Frankensteined from multiple drafts and was constantly rewritten throughout production – it’s no wonder it features some egregious plot holes. It begins with the most dazzling, with the action of the sequel depending on the presence of a Facehugger aboard the Sulaco, but offering no logical explanation for how an egg came to be on the ship. Even decades after the release of Alien 3, there is still no clear explanation and it seems that this question will probably never be answered.

Alien 3 1992 Ripley and Alien Queen

The obvious implication is that the Alien Queen planned the egg during the end of Aliens, but reviewing that climactic scene it’s hard to spot a pause in the action where she might have laid an egg. You probably couldn’t have put one without your ovipositor and even if you could, Alien 3The Facehugger appears to have been hidden deep within the ship, despite the ship’s undercarriage being the only place where it could possibly be planted. Obviously for Alien 3 action to pass an egg necessary have been left on the ship somehow, but it seems the writers simply gave up on coming up with a plausible explanation.

Several alternative theories have been worked out over the years, including the idea that Bishop (Lance Henriksen) was secretly programmed to steal an egg, but again, the sequence of events seen in Aliens Y Alien 3 it doesn’t really support that reading. Monitoring the development of Alien 3 scripts, it is almost possible to see how this plot element was removed with each successive draft. William Gibson’s script revealed that an egg grew inside Bishop’s intestines inside his hypersleep capsule thanks to the Queen infecting him with a Xenovirus, while later drafts by writers Eric Red and Vincent Ward offered no explanation for Xeno’s shoots aboard the Sulaco.

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