All in 90 Days has featured many volatile, selfish, and chaotic cast members. But what man or woman do viewers find most despicable?

For the past seven years, 90 day fiancé has shown dozens of tumultuous relationships. Since it first aired in 2014, the show has gone on to encompass an expanding franchise that featured even more colorful personalities. While recent social media posts have revealed that Andrew Kenton is the nastiest American fiancé in season 8 and “Big Ed” Brown is the nastiest man in the franchise, a different personality outnumbered the men as the most obnoxious character. unpleasant in general. Fans were quick to share their thoughts on which personality performed the worst and who earned the title of most hated cast member of all time.

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Big Ed has garnered criticism after appearing on 90 day fiancé: before 90 days for the rude, offensive, strange and rude way in which he behaved and treated Rosemarie Vega. The spinoff show also featured another weird and obnoxious personality in Lisa Hamme, who is better known to fans as Baby Girl Lisa. Spin-off show 90 day fiancé: the other way featured Deavan Clegg, who often makes headlines for his drama and attention-seeking antics. Meanwhile, the main show has also featured various villains. Season 6 featured Colt Johnson and Leida Margaretha, two personalities who are now infamous within the franchise. Additionally, season 7 star Tania Maduro has also received criticism.

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Fans took to the sub-Reddit r / 90dayfianceuncensored to vote which of the six aforementioned cast members is the most disgusting. Taking the victory (loss?) Was Deavan, whom viewers ultimately found most disgusting. The mother of two has been featured in several troublesome news shops lately. Her ex-husband, Jihoon Lee, has accused the 24-year-old of hiding his son from him. To make matters worse, Deavan’s boyfriend, Topher Park, calls himself the young man’s father. Deavan was also accused of having an abortion and passing it off as a miscarriage for a story. She has been caught up in many lies in the past, such as her photo editing scope. Many fans are fed up with the mother constantly victimizing herself and seeking attention, which has ultimately resulted in viewers not liking her very much.

Deavan Clegg Nightmare In 90 Day Fiancé

Leida came in just below Deavan as the second nastiest cast member. Many fans recall how he forced his partner’s teenage daughter out of their home and obtained a restraining order against her. Surprisingly, Leida is still married to Eric Rosenbrook, despite the fact that their relationship has led to police involvement. Leida is also involved in a dispute with Deavan, whom she calls a liar. Big Ed earned the spot as the third most disgusting, which won’t surprise many viewers. However, the controversial reality star continues with more work on the franchise, as the bachelor will attempt to appear again on the spin-off show Discovery +. 90 days: the single life.

Fourth and fifth place were close, but Baby Girl Lisa edged out Colt for being more obnoxious. Unsurprisingly, the older American separated from her husband Usman Umar, who is known to fans as “SojaBoy”. The couple shared a strange and uneven relationship that left many viewers uncomfortable. Another familiar face in the franchise is Colt, whom many viewers cannot stand. Mom’s son divorced Larissa Lima and got into a relationship with Jess Caroline, whom he ended up cheating on. Colt has been accused by both women of being a terrible partner who might have once tried to deport his ex-wife. He also makes fans uncomfortable with his stoicism in the face of heartbreak.

Lastly, fans cited Tania as the sixth nastiest member of the franchise. The American faced many problems with her South African partner Syngin Colchester. Tania teased Syngin as she dealt with homesickness, which many fans found to be unforgivable behavior. Surprisingly, the couple seems to have fixed things. That’s more than can be said for many of the people on the list, as their explosive personalities have often led to well-documented breakups. Nevertheless, 90 day fiancé Viewers expect a lot of drama on the hit TLC show.

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