Marvel’s newest Valkyrie has her own special way of fighting the King in Black’s secret weapon: a Celestial Knull-fied.

Warning! Spoilers for Return of the Valkyries # 3 below!

the King in black Weaknesses begin to be revealed in the pages of Marvel Comics, and the newest Valkyrie He has his own special tool against one of the villain’s secret weapons. The new Valkyrie, which is based on the MCU character who debuted in Thor: Ragnarok, just reunited with Jarnbjron, who has the ability to take down Celestials, just like Knull’s army.

In Return of the Valkyries By Jason Aaron, Torunn Gronbekk, and Nina Vakueva, the MCU version of Valkyrie (played by Tessa Thompson in live action) debuted in the first issue of the series. While taking Sentry to Valhalla, Jane Foster encountered Knull’s Headless Celestial, which harbored several trapped souls. Foster freed a Valkyrie who was trapped for centuries and asked for her trusty ax, Jarnbjorn, from a group of thieves.

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In new previews of Return of the Valkyries # 3 By VC’s Aaron, Gronbekk, Vakueva, Tamara Bonvillain, and Joe Sabino, Valkyries’ new quest begins to retrieve their trusty ax. In Vanheim, he does quick work with the rock trolls and retrieves his weapon. As she describes the horrors of being trapped inside the Celestial, she talks to her steed as she slays more monsters.

The second part of the preview shows Dani Moonstar and Jane Foster facing off head-on against Knull’s symbiote dragons. Moonstar says there is no commitment to the King in Black, as he admits that they have no choice but to fight.

Return of valkyries

Return of valkyries

The main event of the problem is clearly the liberated Valkyrie returning Jarnjborn to her hands. The weapon was originally forged by dwarves and was originally intended for the Valkyries before they disappeared. Thor used the extremely sharp ax before receiving Mjolnir and was enchanted by the God, making him capable of killing a Celestial. Since the newest Valkyrie wants revenge on the Headless Celestial, Jarnbjorn is literally the perfect weapon to fight against the King in Black’s secret weapon.

Taking on something as powerful as a Celestial is almost always a death wish. Now that one is controlled by Knull, it is an even more dangerous mission. However, the newest Valkyrie has the perfect weapon to kill the monster and free the souls of those who were trapped within the cosmic being alongside her for centuries. For those who expect fireworks in the series, Valkyrie is about to deliver them and possibly save the day against King in black Celestial weapon in the process. Return of the Valkyries # 3 it’s in stores later this week.

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