Bloody, heartbreaking and deliberately existential, Attack on Titan it’s been a whirlwind for fans since the story began. Throughout this dark series, Eren Yeager and his friends seek to do the impossible by battling massive humanoid creatures with an insatiable taste for human flesh.

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Although your society is protected, humanity is far from safe. Titans are as hideous as monsters, and fans have experienced the crushing defeats and losses of humanity’s last hope. Many characters have died in the most gruesome and vile ways anyone can imagine, crushing the hearts of many anime viewers and manga readers (spoilers below!).

Updated February 22, 2021 by Kit Morris: Many characters in the series have died since this article was originally released, and since it had only covered the first three seasons of the anime, some of the more recent deaths that have crushed fans were not included. There are also some overlooked characters who deserve to be on this list as much as those who were already on it.

fifteen Marlowe Freudenberg

While meeting his fellow MPs, Marlowe realizes that corruption and greed are the only things that drive his superior officers. He’s so driven to make a difference that he becomes part of the Scout Regiment, a section of the military willing to challenge the world outside the walls to learn more about the Titans.

Sadly, Marlowe doesn’t last long in the Scouts. He is among those beaten to death by the Beast Titan in the battle to retake Wall Maria. Watching Marlowe die in terror is a crushing dose of reality in the Titan universe.

14 Marcel

In Marley, Eldian children are trained to become warriors, inherit one of the Nine Titans, and fight for the country in which they live. Marcel is a warrior candidate who inherited the Titan of the Jaw.

When he goes to Paradis with Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie, Ymir almost eats Reiner. However, knowing that the Armored Titan’s heir was there because of him, Marcel pushes Reiner out of the way and he is eaten.

13 Kenny ackerman

Kenny Ackermann Attack On Titan Season 3

Kenny Ackerman is a murderer who works for the Military Police. When Levi was a kid, Kenny raised him until he taught him everything he could. Years later, the two meet again, but because the Military Police and the Inspection Corps fight each other, they become enemies.

As he dies, Kenny contemplates whether or not to inject himself with the titan serum. Levi approaches him and learns that Kenny was his uncle, unaware that they are related by blood. Kenny gives the Titan Serum to Levi, knowing that his nephew will use it to help humanity.

12 Hannes

We meet Hannes before the fall of Shiganshina. He is one of the soldiers charged with guarding the outer wall and, like his companions, spends most of the day drinking and fooling around. Hannes is fearless, believes that the walls will never fall to the Titans. He is very wrong when the Colossal Titan cuts a hole in the wall.

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Years later, Hannes has been transformed into an impulsive soldier and captain of the Scout Regiment. Soon after, Hannes and the others see the Titan who ate Carla moving through a field. Hannes vows to correct his earlier mistake and faces the Titan. Eren and Mikasa watch in horror as Hannes is eaten in an eerily similar way to Carla’s death.

eleven Petra ral

Petra was a member of Levi’s original squad who was entrusted with Eren’s protection after he discovered his powers. Petra stands out as one of the first Scouts to connect with Eren. Petra is a talented fighter and an excellent team player.

When she and her squadmates are killed by the Female Titan, Eren is truly shocked. Their violent deaths are a wake-up call that even the best fighters cannot be prepared for everything the Titans throw at them. To make matters even sadder, when the Scouts return from their mission, Petra’s father humbly approaches Captain Levi. He thanks her for believing in his daughter and expresses his pride in her, but admits that he is concerned for her safety as a member of his squad. Mr. Ral still doesn’t know that Petra is already dead.

10 Scout Regiment recruits

Prior to the battle with the Beast Titan, the Scout Regiment experiences a surge of new recruits excited to take back the Maria Wall after the recent Scout victories. These eager young soldiers (including the recently transferred Marlowe) mostly come from sheltered homes. Some have not even seen a real Titan before joining the army.

However, they quickly realize how wrong their ideas were. The recruits are bombarded by large rocks and crushed to death by the Beast Titan while trapped between it and the wall. At the end of the battle, only one recruit, Floch, manages to emerge from the rubble.

9 Sasha Blouse

Sasha’s death was recently shown in the anime and fans who didn’t read the manga were shocked. Sasha, along with the other members of the Survey Corps, attack Marley to bring Eren and Zeke to Paradis. Thinking that the battle was over and that they had won, Sasha is happy to see that her friends have survived.

However, Gabi and Falco, two of Marley’s warrior candidates, sneak off on the Survey Corps ship. Gabi shoots Sasha, resulting in her death. Seeing as Sasha is one of the most beloved characters in the series due to her humor and kindness, her death hurt fans more than most.

8 Ramzi and Halil

Ramzi and Halil are brothers who die next to each other during the Rumbling. When he goes to Marley, Eren saw Ramzi. Knowing that he would be the one responsible for the death of this child, Eren cries and apologizes to him.

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When Ramzi is with Halil, the two of them notice people fleeing the Rumbling and they also try to escape. However, a Colossal Titan steps on both of them and they die instantly.

7 Hange order

After Eren begins the Rumbling, soldiers and warriors join forces to stop him. As they try to catch up with their old partner, Floch, Eren’s most loyal follower, delays them.

Knowing that every second would count, Hange tells Armin that he is the next commander of the Inspection Corps before sacrificing his life in the hope that his friends will escape. Upon death, Hange awakens in the afterlife and is greeted by the soldiers who died before them.

6 Faye yeager

Faye is, in many ways, a catalyst for the events of Attack on Titan. When Grisha Yaeger is a boy, he and his 8-year-old sister venture out of the burial zone where their oppressed race is found. Military officers capture the couple without papers and tell them they will be punished.

One hits Grisha while the other takes Faye by the hand and promises to walk her home. When Grisha finally returns, she is told that Faye is dead. We later find out that Faye’s death is much more horrible than Grisha imagined. The officer fed her to the dogs.

5 Marco Bott

Marco Bott is an apprentice in the 104th Cadet Corps with Eren Yaeger. He often encourages his fellow cadets when they feel desperate and reminds them of the value each one possesses. It’s safe to say that he is a favorite among his teammates, making his death a tragic loss.

The cadets are initially unsure how Marco died and assume he lost a battle to a Titan. In reality, he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. The fellow cadets, Bertholdt and Reiner, are disguised Titans who secretly work against their comrades. Neither of them notices that Marco has approached them. When confronted by Bertholdt and Reiner for overhearing their conversation, Reiner decides that they have no choice but to kill Marco.

4 Grisha Yeager

Although Grisha is one of the first characters to die, fans don’t know about it for a long time. After the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan break into Shiganshina, Grisha finds Eren and injects him with titan serum.

By making his son eat it, Grisha gives Eren his foundation and attack titans. However, due to Eren not remembering this, he thinks his father is still alive, only to find out that he ate him years before.

3 Mike zacharias

The death of Mike Zacharias is nothing short of disgusting. In his encounter with the Titan Beast, Mike mistakes it for something abnormal and comments on its size and appearance. However, when Mike hears the Beast Titan speak, he is speechless. The Beast Titan tells the other Titans around him to stop and not eat Mike.

He questions it, but soon loses interest and gives the other Titans permission to resume eating. This scene stands as one of the most horrible and terrifying in the show so far.

two Commander Erwin

Commander Erwin was definitely a fan favorite. He earned the respect of soldiers and civilians with his willingness to participate in the most treacherous battles alongside his men. Sadly, this is exactly how Erwin dies. During the battle with the Beast Titan, Erwin is trapped with his recruits between the Beast Titan and the outer wall.

Knowing there is no way out, he tells Captain Levi that he wants to spend his last moments trying to find the Yeager house to see if Grisha really hid the secrets of humanity in his basement. Erwin resigns himself to his death, thanking Levi with tears in his eyes and approaching his men to address them one last time. His final moments cast doubt on Erwin’s motives, but his bravery and skill as a Scout leader cannot be denied.

1 Carla yeager

Carla argues against Eren’s desire to one day join the Scouts. In the short time we see her, Carla leaves an impression of a good mother and a hard-working citizen. His death is the first shock of the series. When the Shiganshina wall is compromised, a mass of titans invade the city and devour the people at will. Carla is trapped in the rubble of her home, too injured to escape.

Carla demands that the children leave her behind and save themselves, as a titan, who turns out to be Grisha’s first wife, Dina, after being injected with titan serum, catches up and devours her alive. The image of his mother’s death haunts Eren, further encouraging him to become a member of the Scouts.

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