Turns out the Bachelor can be uncomfortable too. Matt gave fans a taste of his lanky adolescence, and it was just as embarrassing as fans expected.

Even though he is supposed to be the cool and smooth leader of The BachelorMatt James is not afraid to show his funny side to fans. One of his best qualities is that Matt seems to have a good sense of humor and doesn’t shy away from making fun of himself. So fans weren’t surprised when he shared a photo of him from high school doing a, say, unfortunate face.

Matt’s season has been a bumpy road and full of scandals related to race and stalking, but it seems like Matt is trying to use humor to defuse tensions in the franchise and the fandom. He’s been keeping him cheerful, tweeting funny comments about his Single season. Although he has been involved in some of the controversies this season, his social media accounts show a healthy balance between activism and humor.

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In a recent Instagram post, Matt took fans back to when he was an awkward teenager at Durant Road Middle School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Friday’s flashback is a school photo of him grimacing as if he just saw his grandmother naked. Matt mocks her exaggerated grin with a sarcastic caption that reads: “Superlative Yearbook; the best smile. “Clearly, Matt didn’t become photogenic until sometime after high school.

The women of Matt’s season are undoubtedly drawn to him and also like his goofy side. During the credits of one episode, Matt showed his Tik Tok dance to contestant Magi which was exceptionally awkward due to the lack of music. Another contestant, Kit Keenan, called him “embarrassed boy” but “still so hot. “It’s great that the women of his season appreciate his goofy side, because it seems to be a defining component of Matt’s personality.

Of course, some fans think that there are alternative motives to his funny, drama-free posts. Rachael Kirkconnell may end up receiving the final rose, putting Matt in a bind. Rachael has come under fire for attending a racist “Old South” party in 2018 and has been receiving pushback since the photos surfaced. If Matt is really still with her, it makes sense for him to use humor to defuse the situation.

Regardless of the reasons, the Bachelor Nation loved to see The Bachelor lead receding photo. Matt may appear larger than life on television, but his recent image shows that he was just as awkward as a teenager as the rest of us. Matt has some tough times ahead of him and tough questions to answer, but at least he still has his sense of humor.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

Source: Matt James / Instagram

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