With so many iconic vehicles in the Batman franchise, it stands to reason that the collectibles are just as impressive.

The Batmobile may be the most famous vehicle you have, but it is not the only one. When it comes to Batman, no one can beat his modes of transportation. He’s had cars, boats, motorcycles, planes, helicopters, tanks, and whatever the Justice League Knightcrawler was. However, Batman is not the only one with cool vehicles. Your allies and enemies have had multiple modes of transportation in the comics and on screen.

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Gotham City can be a very scary place, so having quick ways to get out of tough situations is important. No other comic book character apart from Iron Man has the gadgets and vehicles that Batman has. Of course, this provides great opportunities for toy companies to profit. The great thing about Batman toys is that they are all unique, but some Bat vehicles have matched their comic book and movie counterparts more than others.

10 Broken Missile Batmobile – Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin Batmobile Kenner

Batman and robin It is one of the best comedy movies ever made. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but it turned out like this. Director Joel Schumacher recalls that the studio wanted a movie that could be made “playful.” Despite the film being a disappointment, Gotham’s design had a fun twist. Freeze, Poison Ivy, and Bane weren’t the most dramatic characters, but combined with Batman, Robin, and Batgirl, there were a plethora of opportunities to play. Kenner released two Batmobiles for its toy line, the Sonic Batmobile and the Ice Shatter Batmobile. The Ice Shatter Batmobile was a perfect match for the movie, looking sleek and simple. It also came with a missile that was fired from the front and had two plastic blades on top of the headlights that were perfect for cutting through ice and cutting through vines.

9 BatCopter – Batman (1989)

Batman 1989 BatCopter Kenner

1989 bat Man an entirely new era began for the comic book movie genre. Although not in the movie, the Bat-Copter is a fun creation that was made just for toy lovers. Batman’s helicopter was equipped with a launch missile and realistic spinning propellers. It was also lightweight, so kids of all ages could use the helicopter to fly around their rooms. This toy was also a fun callback to the 1966 Bat-Copter that Adam West and Burt Ward used to fly around Gotham. The DC Super Powers toy line also released a Bat-Copter, but the 1989 version looked sharper with its polished black color and the Bat-Logo on both wings of the helicopter.

8 Batmobile – Batman Legends

Legends of the Dark Knight Batmobile Kenner

The Legends of Batman was more of a comic book toy line than a movie. It was a different version of Gothamitas with some unusual color schemes, but it was a nice change from the simple black and dark colors. This line of toys emerged during the lull between Batman Returns Y Batman forever.

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The legends almost served as a bridge between the darker Tim Burton films and the lighter Joel Schumacher films. This Batmobile looked really cool thanks to the silver paint and bigger wheels. The lit headlights added some sparkle, and the car was loaded with the well-known projected missile. This version of Batman’s ride was the first to have the large wings at the rear and would serve as inspiration for future Batmobiles.

7 Batmobile – DC Super Powers

DC Superhero Batmobile

The 1966 bat Man The show has an iconic Batmobile, but the DC Super Powers Batmobile was based on early comics, and the paint job stood out more. That classic DC Super Powers box caught the eye of anyone in sight, prompting them to stop and take a look. In addition to the classic logo on both doors, the hood had Batman’s hood painted on it. This version was not as flashy as the later versions and almost looked like a normal car with the Batman logo on the wheel rims. The orange windshields also made the car stand out and they had cool silver seats and dashboards. The best part has to be the Bat-Ram bumper which would pop in and out by hitting a switch on the back.

6 Joker Van – Batman (1989)

Joker Van Kenner 1989

Batman wasn’t the only character to make it into vehicular fun. Joker got his own truck and it looked cool. The classic purple paint job matches the vintage costume of the Clown Prince of Crime. The yellow and green wheels also stand out and are perfect for a crazy clown van. The two doors open so that Bob the bully can drive Joker over, while Joker’s pop-up roof seat allows him to fire at the Batmobile. The Joker’s face and logo are plastered all over the truck, and the front face actually fired blasts of water to slide Batman or anyone else chasing the truck.

5 Bat-ship – Batman Forever

Batman Forever BatBoat Kenner

Batman forever It was a lighter version of the Caped Crusader, but this gave Kenner a better chance of targeting a younger audience. What kid wouldn’t want to fill the bathtub and splash around with the Bat-Boat? The design matched the Batmobile (more on that later) and had a large bat wing sticking out from the back. The boat could also be opened up and turned into a land vehicle if Batman was chasing The Riddler and Two-Face across the harbor, or just following a Boston sports championship team in a duck boat. Whatever the case, the boat could float, allowing kids to take it to a pool or to the beach. Surf, Bat-dude!

4 Batmobile Tumbler – Batman Begins

Batman Begins collectible Batmobile

The beginning of batman It brought Gotham back seriously and gave fans a more realistic take on Batman. There weren’t as many toys and merchandise as in the previous four movies, but some were made. The Tumbler Batmobile was the perfect toy because it looked like a tank and what kid doesn’t love tanks and Batman?

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The design of the toy was 100% accurate for the movie. Every button and piece is there for a reason and would The beginning of batman proud director Christopher Nolan. It comes loaded with two projected missiles and has the big wheels used for tanking around the city. “There goes Tank-Man … just hanging around town. Over.”

3 Bat-Wing – Batman (1989)

BatWing Batman 1989 Kenner

The Bat-Wing is one of the character’s smartest and simplest inventions. Who would not think of making an airplane in the shape of the bat symbol? What makes this Bat-Wing truly unique is that it can be converted into two additional vehicles. The design is simple but looks sharp and offers the usual missiles and weaponry. However, the wings can be easily detached and a wheel can be lifted so you can fly, ride, and glide through the streets of Gotham. Batman Returns Y Batman forever would create similar versions of the Bat-Wing, but the original still stands the test of time. This vehicle was a child’s dream come true and is one of Kenner’s greatest achievements.

two Batmobile – Batman Forever

Batman Forever Batmobile Kenner

Batman forever It may have been cheesy, but the Batmobile still looked great. The design was very detailed and really brightened up a toy box. The Bat-Boat mentioned above would use a similar design, but it was the Batmobile that was way above the rest. This was also the first Batmobile that was completely electronic and had a motor that started when a button was pressed. In addition to the electronic motor, the two rear wings would open and had blaster beams to eliminate the villains. The missile was larger than normal and was perfect for kids trying to shoot down other toys i.e Kevin McCalister in Home alone. The wheels would also light up and they had some really cool silver rims. This Batmobile may have been considered too flashy for the screen, but it made a great nightlight or toy.

1 Batmobile – Batman Returns

Batman Returns the Kenner Batmobile

The Batmobile of bat Man It was amazing, but the toy version was missing an important part. There was no retractable roof door, so when Batman Returns walked out, Kenner made up for his mistake and added a door that opened. The all-black design with yellow rims is so iconic and that’s why this Batmobile is considered the ultimate dog when it comes to all Batman vehicles. In addition to the toy projectiles, this vehicle can be divided into three parts and allows you to get into tight places like Batman does in the movie. Kenner did an amazing job creating these toys and their resemblance to the movie cannot be matched.

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