Almost six years have passed since the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady’s conclusion to his epic Arkham trilogy, and at last fans will finally see a continuation of the series with next year’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. For anyone wanting to return to Gotham City, WB Montreal’s Knights of gotham It will be released later this year.

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However, there is still a long time to wait for another DC game, and none of those games feature Batman as a playable character, at least as far as fans know. That is why it is worth returning to Batman: Arkham Knight, just with a bunch of epic mods that completely transform the experience.

10 Free roaming mod

Batgirl and Robin Arkham Knight mod

There are many great mods for Batman Arkham Knight, but Built-in free roaming mod it is probably the most essential. The name certainly doesn’t reveal what makes it special, as players can already use Batman to freely roam all of Gotham in the game. This mod, however, allows players to explore the city like any other character in the game.

As the DLC installs, several main characters will be added to the menu for free roam, including Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Azrael, and even The Joker. There is even a first person option.

9 All Batmobiles Unlocked

Batman and Batmobile in Arkham Knight

By far the biggest addition in Batman Arkham Knight It was the iconic Batmobile, and while it wasn’t enthusiastically received because it had basically been turned into a tank, fans were overjoyed when the game’s Season Pass gave owners the opportunity to drive many popular Batmobiles.

Available skins include cars from bat Man 1989, the 1960s television series The Tumbler of The dark knight trilogy, and even that of Batman v superman. Unfortunately, this DLC is a huge catch, as players cannot use these Batmobiles in the game’s story mode. The “All Batmobiles Unlocked“mod removes that block so you can drive whatever Batmobile you want.

8 The batman

The Batman in Arkham Knight

One of the best things about Batman Arkham Knight is that, as long as players have the Season Pass or the Full Edition, they can choose to play as almost every variety of Batman that has ever existed. Bat suits include everything from their first appearance in 1939 to their Batman v superman outfit, as also seen in the next Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Unfortunately, one suit that is not currently available is the one Robert Pattinson wore in the next year. The batman, so it’s good that “The batman Suit 2022“mod is available to correct this oversight.

7 Batman Returns and the Dark Knight Rises Catwoman

Catwoman Arkham Knight Mods

While the Batman Arkham Knight The season pass gives Batman pretty much every costume he’s used in comics, movies, TV, and video games, the other playable characters get a bit of a cheap deal. Catwoman, for example, was an important part of Batman Arkham City, but her look in the sequel is limited to a few options, without any of her movie costumes.

Modifications can be used to correct this oversight, including the addition of Catwoman stitched together Batman Returns costume and the most elegant matter of The dark knight rises. Her subtlest outfit of The batman it will probably also be available soon.

6 Complete visual review

Batman and Harley Quinn in Arkham Knight mod

While Batman Arkham Knight It’s by no means a bad looking game, after six years it can’t have the same superior edge it once did, especially now that the next generation of consoles has arrived.

For anyone looking to give the game a graphical boost, there are multiple ReShade-based visual enhancement mods, but the best is probably “Complete visual review“mod. Post-processing, ambient occlusion, true depth of field effects, color correction, sharpening – all of these serve to enhance the experience.

5 The flash

The flash in Arkham Knight

While Batman is one of the greatest heroes of all time, and both his vulnerabilities and lack of superpowers make him an effective protagonist of video games, it’s fun to get loose with a real meta-human from time to time.

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To that end, this clever mod adds the Central City itself The flash as a playable hero in Batman Arkham Knight. A skinning mod would be cool enough, but this mod also adds Flash’s super speed to the game, so players can race through Gotham faster than the Batmobile and hit criminals at lightning speed.

4 Classic Skin Pack

Classic Batman Arkham Knight Masks

One of the best things about Batman Arkham Knight it’s the wide range of outfit options Batman can wear, especially if the player has all the DLC. Despite all these aspects, the only thing the game is not good at is giving players the opportunity to customize those aspects.

It is good that there are modifications to correct that balance, and the “Classic Skin Pack“It’s a great way to quickly add the most iconic color set for Batman: the blue and gray of the 60s and 70s. This mod gives a classic blue and gray paint job to most of the skins in the game, including the Batman v superman outfit and even Batgirl’s default outfit.

3 Custom bat signals

A custom bat sign

The mod scene for Batman Arkham Knight it’s fantastic, with tweaks and changes to everything from costumes, batmobiles, visuals, and even which hero the player can control. However, the only thing fans might be surprised they can tweak is Batman’s iconic Bat-signal.

At Batman Arkham In games, the Bat-signal serves the practical purpose of highlighting the player’s next objective, and can in fact be modified. Fans collecting the “Custom bat signals“mod you can change it to a variety of different images, including the question mark symbol from the poster Batman forever.

two Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Joaquin Pheonix Joker in Arkham Knight

Despite being very dead (the opening scene of the game is his cremation) the Joker still plays an important role in the plot of Batman Arkham Knight. It is even possible to play with it at certain points in the story, or with the Free-Roam mode. So some Clown Prince of Crime skins are fun to incorporate into the game, especially since he doesn’t have alternate outfits.

One of the most impressive is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, but it is also possible to get Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Cesar Romero and even a christmas version.

1 Superman

Superman in Arkham Knight

Every now and then such an impressive mod appears that it is impossible not to have respect for the creator. the Superman mod for Batman Arkham Knight is one of those examples. While it’s undeniable that he’s a bit crazy in places, like Superman’s noticeable head-and-neck gap, it doesn’t take away from the fact that this mod simply allows people to play as the Man of Steel in Batman Arkham Knight, even in story mode.

With a little effort, a dedicated modder can also add powers like flight, speed, strength, and invulnerability. It’s the ultimate Superman video game experience, and it’s in a Batman game.

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