To fight a dark future, Captain Marvel is building her own Avengers team with newer heroes with familiar families.

Warning! Spoilers for Captain Marvel # 26 below!

Trapped in a dark future Captain Marvel is putting together his own team of Avengers to take on the threat of a deranged villain who wants to use his powers to travel through time. In previews of Captain Marvel # 26, Carol Danvers is working alongside some heroes from the future, including Thor’s daughter, in an effort to end Ove for good.

In the current arc of the “New World” in the current Captain Marvel Ongoing series, Carol found herself transported to a dark future where most of the heroes have been killed. Danvers eventually found several survivors, including Spider-Woman’s son, Thor’s daughter Hazmat, Emma Frost, and a few more heroes who agreed to help her locate Ove, the half-Atlantean / Asgardian dictator, who has kidnapped so many. of his allies. Captain Marvel Issue 25 saw Carol get a massive update courtesy of Brigid, who wields Mjolnir, and the next issue shows those powers in action.

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In previews of Captain Marvel # 26 by Kelly Thompson, Lee Garbett, Jorge Molina, and Antonio Fabela, Carol Danvers absolutely knocks Ove down with a series of punches while throwing him into the unbreakable dome surrounding New Atlantis. Carol then communicates with the Enchantress, who is protected in her own bubble from future heroes trying to free Magik. Among them are Gerry Drew, Sora, Fuse, Katie Barton, and Brigid.

In a sweet moment, she tells Carol Rhodes, whom James Rhodes named after Danvers, that she is proud of her. Meanwhile, Brigid is unleashing all her fury against the Enchantress’s shield, striking it with the thunderous power of Mjolnir. Cap asks Sora and Gerry to help her fight Ove and his forces, who resurface when the heroes try to free Magik.

Captain Marvel has assembled the heroes of the dark future into a strong team that works to perfection to prevent Ove and the Enchantress from stealing his time travel powers. The question remains, how does Carol plan to return to her own timeline and bring someone with her? The apocalyptic future he’s currently in is a worst-case scenario for Marvel’s heroes, so can they even turn it around if Ove is defeated? Or will a new face (or faces) join Captain Marvel returning to the main timeline?

Regardless, seeing Carol lead the Avengers-As of the young heroes against Ove and his forces is great fun. Hopefully it’s not the last time we see some of these characters in action, because the whole arc has been a lot of fun. Captain Marvel Issue 26 will hit comic book stores later this week.

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