The Vera sisters from the reboot series Charmed are giving the Halliwell sisters a run for their money, but which trio is really more powerful?

There have been many comparisons between Charmed reboot and the original series, but looking at both shows as a whole, the Vera sisters appear to be stronger than the Halliwell sisters. The Vera sisters are in the early stages of mastering their craft compared to the Halliwells’ eight seasons of the original show, but they have already developed their powers extensively and have shown great versatility in the use of their powers.

In the original Charmed series, the first incarnation of Power of Three came from Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell. Unfortunately, Prue died at the end of season three, and her long-lost half-sister, Paige, stepped in to keep the power of the Charmed Ones alive. Paige is possibly the strongest witch of any Charmed series, particularly due to its half-white-light heritage, but the backstory of Macy’s demonic powers in the reboot show could be explored to rival Paige in the end.

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Overall, Macy, Mel, and Maggie have the upper hand to start their journey together and develop the Power of Three early on. Piper and Phoebe had to deal with the death of their older sister, as well as the trials of bringing their estranged half-sister into the fold. While the Halliwells gradually grew in their powers, including their introduction to their white light, Leo, the Vera sisters began at a much faster rate. The scope and control of their powers in Season 3 are a testament to their abilities and their initial promise, making them the most powerful. However, the Halliwells set the bar for the Vera sisters to grow up.

Prue never had a chance to reach the heights of her powers shown in the season 2 episode of the original series “Morality Bites,” and was only able to use astral projection in addition to her telekinetic abilities at the end of season 3. The powers de Piper allowed her to manipulate molecules by shrinking them until they stopped; He was later able to freeze individual objects and learned to defeat demons by speeding up their molecules and making them fly. Meanwhile, Phoebe’s powers took hold telepathically and came in the form of premonitions in the early seasons. His abilities grew as the show progressed, including the powers of levitation and empathy, complementing his martial arts training. Then when Paige entered the series, her abilities were amazing and included orbs, telekinetic orbs, healing, camouflage, orb shield, photokinesis, and glamor.

The Halliwells were a formidable clan of witches, but the Vera sisters fought back. Macy shows excellent promise and control right from the start of the reboot. In season 2, he develops advanced telekinesis after regaining his naked aura by drinking pure black amber; her ability to stop a person’s heart on her own makes her a formidable opponent. Mel’s powers are rooted in temporal and molecular manipulation, and by the end of season 2, he learns how to heat, freeze, and thaw water, not to mention the ability to focus his powers on individual objects. Maggie’s skills as an empath allow her to feel the feelings of others and read minds. It also develops foresight, the ability to project your emotions onto other people, and the power to turn your emotions into an energy field.

Comparing the powers of both families leaves the Vera sisters with the advantage, as they have shown more rapid adaptability and development of their powers in the early seasons. While knowledge of spellcasting and sorcery is another aspect of witchcraft that the Halliwell sisters mastered, the Vera sisters, in its third season, they have time to grow in these areas and can ultimately outperform the Halliwells in areas the Veras have yet to master. Each group of sisters are the Charmed Ones, making them the most powerful witches in history. If they ever met, they would most likely be the same in many respects. However, the future of Charmed is in the hands of the Vera sisters, and they are proving to be the most powerful trio.

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