Crime Scene: The Disappearance at Hotel Cecil is the latest Netflix obsession for true crime fanatics. And while the four-part documentary series covers many details about the famous California hotel located near Skid Row, as well as the details of the Elisa Lam case, there are some facts that it leaves out.

Some of these facts would not add much to the story, but they are interesting to know. Others are central to the case and could change viewers’ perceptions of many things about the hotel, the case, and the people involved in it.

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In any case, it is always interesting to learn more about the people and places that were discussed in such an exciting series.

10 Who owns the hotel Cecil

disappearing in cecil hotel stay in main

While the documentary series explained that a New York City hotelier bought Hotel Cecil in 2014 and outlined his plans for it, the show did not reveal who the new owner was. the person is Richard Bornwhile New York-based Simon Baron Development has a lease of land on the property.

Born is known as a boutique hotelier. It has 28 properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn under the company name BD Hotels. Also based in New York, Simon Baron Development currently has more than $ 12 billion in projects in active development, the place formerly known as Cecil Hotel is one of them.

9 Your Ether Fields blog

disappearing into the hotel cecil ether fields blog

In addition to Tumblr’s Nouvelle-Nouveau blog, which gets a lot of attention in the true crime documentary series, Lam also had a blog on Blogspot called Ether Fields, which started in 2010. The the blog is still accessible today, with the latest date after 7-27-12 noting that she is much more active on Tumblr.

Other posts feature troubling thoughts, including the novelist Chuck Palahniuk’s quote, “You are always haunted by the thought that you are wasting your life,” which he also used as a blog caption. However, he mostly published pictures from fashion magazines.

8 The police did not search all the rooms

Vanishing Into The Hotel Cecil Elisa Lam Back

While the police did a fairly thorough search of the hotel after Elisa Lam was declared missing, including the rooftop entrance, they didn’t actually search all the rooms. This is because they had no “probable cause“That a crime had been committed and, therefore, he could not legally do so, according to Sgt. Rudy López.

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It’s unclear if doing so would have made a difference anyway, as the belief in the end is that there was no foul play in his death.

7 Toxicology tests were incomplete

disappearing at the hotel cecil coroner

While the medical examiner was able to deliver the toxicology results, they were actually incomplete, as not enough Lam’s blood was preserved after being submerged in water for 19 days. However, the blood that was still there showed traces of the prescription drugs she was taking alongside the over-the-counter drugs, including Sinutab and ibuprofen.

According to the toxicology report, a small alcohol level was also detected, but only around 0.02%.

6 His phone was never found

Elisa Lam in Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel on Netflix

Interestingly, among all the belongings Lam left in his hotel room, his phone was supposedly never found. It is assumed that it was stolen before his death. What makes this even weirder is that his Tumblr posts kept updating.

Tumblr has a queue feature that automatically posts posts if the author is absent. It’s also possible that a hacker managed to take over the account and write posts. the the blog continued to be updated in March, April and June 2013, long after Lam’s death, though these are mostly fashion-related images without text.

5 The episodes of the television series have been based on the case

basin castle episode

The documentary series True Crime points out the disturbing similarities between the Lam case and the 2005 film. Dark water. It’s not uncommon for movies and TV shows to be inspired by real life events (although Dark water came out long before Elisa Lam’s death). Show how Criminal minds base episodes on real cases all the time. In fact, many television series have used the tragic event at the Hotel Cecil as inspiration for their episodes.

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At the end of the 2013 season of Castle Called “Watershed”, a woman is found dead in the water tank on the roof of the fictional Cedric hotel. And the first mystery in How to get away with it It is solved when the body of a missing college girl is found in the rooftop water tank.

4 Songs and music videos have been made about her

zola music video

Lam’s story has also inspired musicians who were fascinated by the case. Vancouver pop duo The Zolas created a music video for their song “Ancient Mars” in 2014 that is set to It seems the last day of Lam’s life, humanizing her as a normal young woman in front of someone suffering from mental illness.

That same year, Hail the Sun, a post-hardcore band, wrote a song called “Disappearing Syndrome”, which was inspired by his story too.

3 The night stalker has not been confirmed to remain there

Night stalker Richard Ramirez

While the documentary series points out the many sinister things that happened at the Cecil Hotel over the decades, from suicides to murders, drug use, prostitution, and domestic disturbances, one thing presented as fact has not been exactly corroborated.

The documentary series named Richard Ramirez, known as The Night Stalker (also the subject of one of Netflix’s latest true crime documentaries) as one of the notorious serial killers who had previously stayed at Hotel Cecil. However, it appears that his sponsorship is based on a story from a late night clerk. It is definitely possible that this is true, since the night clerk, who reported that Ramirez smoked marijuana in his room and played rock ‘n’ roll music, would have no reason to lie. But there is no documentation or visual evidence to confirm, nor did he kill any victims there, as the tales suggest.

two There was a ghost sighting at the hotel

disappearing into the ghost cecil hotel

Hotel Cecil can add ghost sighting to its list of curious events. Less than a year after Lam’s death at the hotel, an 11-year-old boy captured a photo that looks like a person hanging outside the fourth-floor window.

This further solidified for some people the stories over the decades that the hotel is actually haunted by spirits.

1 Pablo Vergara (Morbid) is an award-winning filmmaker

While the docuseries initially paints Pablo Vergara, who goes by the stage name Morbid, as a terrifyingly dark musician who internet detectives believed was responsible for Lam’s death due to his penchant for death metal and art. graphically violent, he did not delve into his many other accomplishments.

Vergara, whose life changed forever after the unfounded accusations, actually won a scholarship from the New York Film Academy to direct. Made a short in 2018 called Necromurder which is based on the murder of Oysten Arseth (Euronymous) from Mayhem, and which will be made into a feature film.

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