Derry girls is a refreshing, funny and quirky comedy series that everyone can’t help but love. Each character is unique and hysterical, no matter if they are trying. From tormented teens to sassy sisters and weird aunts, each member of the Derry Girls team has their own attractive and repellent qualities.

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Of course, some characters are meant to be loved by everyone, while others are obviously irritating and antagonistic. It’s time to compare the iconic Derry girls and the rest of the characters on this show, who are the least likeable characters on the show?

eleven Jenny joyce

Derry Girls Jenny Joyce

Jenny is supposed to be the teacher’s pet that even teachers don’t really like. She’s arrogant, condescending, and quite frankly annoying, and viewers don’t lose sight of why girls hate her.

Like the rest of the gang, it’s hard for the audience to like something about this character, and she’s definitely the least sympathetic of the bunch.

10 Mary quinn

Derry Girls Mary

The show primarily focuses on Erin’s family, and Mary is a tough cookie who’s not afraid to be blunt and tough. She is traditional, which gives Erin a hard time.

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It offers some classic mother-daughter humor, but is also quite strict and rude. Although he has his charms, it is also easy that he does not like this character very much.

9 Joe McCool

Derry Girls Joe

Joe is Mary’s father and hates Gerry. This is totally fun, and he also has a great, healthy relationship with Orla and Erin that makes fans love him.

While the comedy is there though, fans can’t help but hate this old man just a little bit as Gerry never did anything to him and can be quite rude to this innocent man.

8 Sister Michael

Derry Girls Sister Michael

Sister Michael probably doesn’t look like any other nun on TV, as she hates kids and is super sarcastic. Of course, this also makes her one of the funniest characters.

It has its moments that are a bit annoying or bad, but overall, it’s just there to be fun and give the girls (and James) a hard time. Plus, he hates Jenny too, and the fans love it.

7 Sarah McCool

Derry Girls Sarah

Everybody has an aunt like Sarah, and it’s easy to love her to pieces and shake her head at everything she says. She isn’t the smartest, but she’s adorable.

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She’s sweet and funny and pure, and while her giddiness can be a bit frustrating and annoying, there’s nothing to really hate about this character, even if Mary finds a few things to hate about her.

6 Gerry quinn

Derry Girls Gerry

Gerry is probably the series’ biggest victim. He is the father who is trying to do the right thing for everyone, and he gets caught in the crossfire of it all.

The fans pity him, but they love him too. He’s hilarious and sarcastic, and all his mutterings to himself are identifiable. He’s a nice guy who’s easy to love and that fans can relate to, despite what Joe says.

5 Clare devlin

Derry Girls Clare

Clare is the epitome of anxiety and struggle, and this character has some pretty hysterical moments. However, this clever and innocent girl might be the least pleasant of the teenage girls.

She can be authoritative and condescending, which makes her a bit annoying. And while she’s a good person at heart, she’s not a favorite when it comes to the girls from Derry.

4 Erin quinn

Derry Girls Erin

Erin is the ‘star’ of the series, and that just means fans can hate and love her to death. She is worthy of a lot of moans and head shakes, but Erin is adorable too.

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She is quirky, funny, kind-hearted, and smart. She makes some pretty silly decisions, but overall, it’s hard not to like her and she’s a great main character.

3 Michelle Mallon

Derry Girls Michelle

Michelle is probably the rudest of the teenage girls, but somehow she has so many fans behind her. It may be the funniest and she’s never afraid to speak her mind.

She is relatable for her cheekiness and outspokenness, and there’s something about Michelle that makes it impossible to hate her despite her attitude. In fact, fans might love her even more for it.

two Orla McCool

Derry Girls Orla

Orla looks a lot like her mother and there’s nothing to hate about her either. It’s definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed either, but it’s as pure and sweet as it sounds.

Hating Orla would be like hating sunlight, and overall, it’s so nice it almost hurts. Orla is sweet as cake and everything she does warms the hearts of the viewers.

1 James maguire

Derry Girls James

In addition to Joe, James bears much of the attitudes and sarcasm that float around these families. And yet James never lowers himself or says anything bad.

He’s so kind and loving and selfless, and he’s also the purest thing in the world, along with Orla and Sarah. Jame deserves so much more, and when it comes down to it, he’s actually probably the nicest character overall.

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