Episode 37 of the Digimon reboot brings attention back to Mimi and in the process makes a strong case for her as leadership material.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 37 of Digimon Adventure 2020, “Mimi-chan Wars”, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Having been separated a second time, the Digimon reboot series is now starting to reunite its core DigiDestined group. After Tai, Sora, TK, Kari, and their Digimon reconnected with Izzy and Tentamon to save Tokyo (again) Since the near-annihilation in Episode 36, Episode 37, “Mimi-chan Wars” crosses the paths of Tai, Sora, Agumon and Birdramon with Mimi and Palmon. Mimi is by far one of the brightest personalities in the group, and her presence injects a much more dynamic characterization into Digimon Adventure 2020 as a result. In fact, the episode goes one step further, making Mimi the main light for DigiDestined.

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As the heir to a manufacturing empire, Mimi already has a head for leadership, and she also has a deep appreciation for issues related to labor rights and corporate culture that should be well beyond her age. When Tai and Sora find her in “Mimi-chan Wars”, they discover that she is planning a revolution. Some lower level Digimon, like Gotsumon, have been enslaved by a tyrannical Gogmamon, who dominates a castle in the hills claiming every crystal the slaves excavate as his own. Mimi disagrees with this because she, like any decent person, will not tolerate modern slavery, even in a world inhabited by monsters, but also because Ultimate Digimon is accumulating all the gems unfairly. Antitrust laws exist for a reason, she reminds the puzzled characters around her.

References like this disprove the fact that Mimi is not the airhead suggesting her appreciation for all things aesthetically pleasing. While it is clear that he is happy to follow the line of the capitalist party (workers may be “friends” but they are also mere numbers in a hierarchy), Mimi’s war is successful. She galvanizes both her human and Digimon allies, gives them designated roles, and isn’t afraid of getting caught up in herself when the going gets tough. He also demonstrates great attention to detail in Lilymon’s final clash with Gogmamon, worthy of a big brain like Izzy’s.

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After discovering that the Ore Digimon works with diamonds, he recognizes that the only thing that can pierce the strongest gem in the world is the strongest gem in the world. So, she sacrifices one of her beloved rescued diamonds to equip her Ultimate-level partner with enough glowing energy to break through her enemy’s hardened defenses.


Although the episode is free of Big Bads or Holy Digimon, it is one of the Digimon Adventure 2020It’s the best yet, and all thanks to Mimi getting back into the fold. Her personality and her character’s motivation combine perfectly to form an emotional and backstory-based anchor for the episode’s main conflict, and that conflict is also much more than just a battle – it’s a total siege. The same can be said for Episode 12, in which Mimi, having an unexpected bond with a Terminator-inspired Digimon, pushed the episode to the limit in terms of quality. Together, these two installments of the Digimon restart do it crystal It’s clear that Mimi shouldn’t just be taking the limelight, she also has the managerial skills, ethical conscience, and courage to become a fantastic DigiDestined leader instead of Tai and / or Matt. Also, this way we could see a lot more of his adorable leaf ghost face hitting his cactus companion, which is always a win.

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