In Dr. Stone, Chrome channels her inner Senku to recreate a corrosive solution to her prison problem.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dr. Stone season 2 episode 6, “PRISON BREAK” which is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Dr stone Season 2 Episode 6 features a magnificent display of science, but not everyone’s favorite mad scientist Senku. It is his assistant and partner in crime Chrome who steals the show by breaking free from prison with minimal resources. And in his unlikely escape, Chrome channels his inner Senku, recreating a corrosive solution with his sweat.

This episode introduces a new character named Yo Uei, a former loose cannon police officer who Tsukasa is tasked with guarding the bamboo prison and preparing the surprise attack on Senku. Tsukasa knows that Senku will eventually come to rescue Chrome, so Yo oversees the traps awaiting Senku’s vehicular assault rescue plan. Chrome believes that the best way to save everyone and avoid danger is to make sure that you can escape on your own.

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It is much easier said than done. Chrome has no recourse within the confines of the cave enclosed by bamboo fences. On his bathroom breaks, he tries to gather supplies, but some plants and twigs won’t do him any good. However, all of this changes when a shadowy figure rolls a drum kit in the middle of the night. It’s the cell phone battery that was confiscated when he was captured.

Chrome initially tries to blow up the door, but the spark alerts the guards. When Yo comes over to inspect, he assumes that the small fire was caused by the twigs Chrome gathered and begins to insult Chrome’s intelligence. This leads Chrome to fake a lower level of intelligence to increase the understatement of Yo. He pretends that boiling seawater for salt is a great scientific discovery, and while Yo laughs at a pathetic seawater escape plan, Chrome hatches one. Remember that Senku separated the salt water with electricity to produce sodium hydroxide, a chemical powerful enough to melt faces.

From there, Chrome gets to work. It does not have sea water, so it uses the best alternative: its sweat. He works out non-stop to fill a whole cup of sweat. With the battery, make the chemical and soak the ropes that hold the bamboo. When the door collapses, he defends himself against the guards and flees with Yo in pursuit. The two end in a cliff and a waterfall. I try to stop the cunning trickster only to be misled. Chromium crushes some plants, sorrel and red shiso, to create a blood-like liquid and simulate pneumonia. This diversion allows Chrome to assault Yo and escape to the Ishigami Base on the outskirts of the Tsukasa empire.

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The leak says a lot about Senku’s impact on Chrome. It’s obvious that Chrome wouldn’t have had the knowledge to make his escape plan work if it hadn’t been for Senku. Still, the understanding of Chrome expanding from the cold rocks and plants it collects to the fundamental understanding behind the applications of science shows its overall development. Chrome is usually confident in its abilities. When first introduced, Chrome felt the need to brag about his discoveries and “witchcraft.” Here, show your work and experience instead of showing off about it. He no longer needs Senku to come up with the plan or to save him. His Houdini-style escape recalls his days as a village sorcerer, though he is now a firm believer in the applications of science.

When Chrome returns to the village, he tells his legendary story and Senku reveals that he was a little wrong in science. It had no membrane, so it made hate hypochlorite, also known as bleach. The bleach melted the cellulose from the weeds that were used as rope. Regardless, Chrome’s natural curiosity finally paid off in a big way. The villagers can now regroup to implement their original plan against Tsukasa’s army, although it will be more difficult now that Tsukasa knows something is up.

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