Dragon Ball is an anime that has received some of the highest praise possible for an anime series. The structure of the series has inspired many of the anime that followed. Dragon Ball It excels when it comes to intense action sequences and thrilling transformations, but there are plenty of other dynamics in the series to appreciate.

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One detail that can often be overlooked is that many of the characters in Dragon Ball they are proud parents, which is an interesting wrinkle for an action series. Vegeta is an intense and combative individual., which not only makes their relationship with Bulma constantly exciting, but their roles as parents are even more fascinating.

10 Vegeta was better: train with his son and defend his honor

A lot of Dragon Balls the characters have layers and are not just cartoons that only think about combat. Some people are deeper than others and while training is not everything For Trunks, it remains an important part of his life and he values ​​his father’s respect in the area.

Vegeta really focuses on Trunks and takes a hands-on approach to help him grow and get stronger. It’s a treatment that is critical to Trunks and when Cell dishonors Future Trunks, Vegeta can’t help but rage and show his son how much he means to him.

9 Bulma was better: shower Trunks with presents

Real love and affection are always more important than material objects and Bulma does not use toys and inventions as a means to compensate for negligent behavior, but is simply a welcome benefit of the extreme wealth of the Brief family. Bulma makes sure Trunks is comfortable and can at least enjoy his childhood.

Also, instances in Dragon ball super where Bulma, Vegeta and Trunks go on vacation and enjoy amusement parks and other perks are definitely funded by Bulma. Vegeta is present, but seems quite miserable on stage and immune to Trunks’ joy.

8 Vegeta was better: pay more attention to Teenage Bulla

Anime Dragon Ball GT Vegeta Bulla Shopping

Dragon Ball GT remains a controversial chapter in the Dragon Ball canon, but it’s a sequel series that doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets and there are a lot of solid ideas it presents. One of the joys of the series is that it offers an adult version of many of the younger characters, including Vegeta’s daughter, Bulla.

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Dragon Ball GT highlights how Vegeta spends a lot of time shopping with his daughter and that he runs errands with her and helps her navigate during her teens.

7 Bulma was better – she’s more present during Trunk’s childhood

It is not unusual for a child’s early years to have a greater connection to the mother. This is definitely true when it comes to Trunks, and Vegeta at least acknowledges his son’s existence, but he still has higher priorities. at this point during Cell’s attack.

Bulma could have been just as negligent here and Chi-Chi probably would have jumped at the opportunity to help with baby Trunks. Instead, the opposite is true and Bulma takes Trunks everywhere with her and appreciates every second they share. It surely builds a solid and healthy foundation within Trunks.

6 Vegeta was better: he knows how to better motivate his son

Just because people are spending time together doesn’t mean they are actually making a connection. It would be entirely possible for Vegeta to be around his son 24/7 to get him trained, but learn absolutely nothing about him in the process.

On several occasions, Vegeta is able to push Trunks further in his training because he knows how to motivate his son and what kind of incentives he values. It might not sound like a big deal, but it shows Vegeta’s implicit understanding of Trunks and what he cares about.

5 Bulma was better – help future Trunks repair their time machine

Opposites certainly attract when it comes to Bulma and Vegeta, and Bulma is the most brilliant scientific mind of the pair. Bulma can use her knowledge to help Future Trunks repairs his time machine and return home, but she also joins him during this time.

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Further, Dragon ball super shows that Bulma is still present in Future Trunks’ devastated timeline and continues to help him with his needs, be they emotional or technological in nature. Bulma’s genius has been helpful in many settings, but it’s lovely to watch him help her connect with her son.

4 Vegeta was better: he won’t leave Bulla’s side during Bulma’s pregnancy

Dragon Ball represents some pregnancies throughout her career and Bulma’s second pregnancy coincides just as Goku is recruiting participants to represent Universe 7 in the Tournament of power. Vegeta’s involvement is crucial, but he refuses to leave until Bulma gives birth.

Bulma may seem as considerate here as Vegeta, but Vegeta has a chance to leave and he doesn’t take it. She wants to be there with her daughter from the first moment and not be absent in any way, even if it is something that she will not remember.

3 Bulma was better: she knows when to give her son space

Anime Dragon Ball Super Intro Vegeta Trunks Sparring

Helicopter dominant parents are a very real thing, and Chi-Chi is a prime example of a well-meaning mother, just because her choking attitude is likely to do her children more harm than good. Bulma knows better and she incredibly confident in Trunks and it allows you the freedom to do what you want, within reason, and learn about life through experience.

Vegeta, on the other hand, can become strangely possessive over Trunks’ timing when it comes to his training and is not that forgiving in this department.

two Vegeta was better: he sacrificed himself to protect his son

Vegeta is typically a character who has things under control on the battlefield, but there are a few times when he just feels overwhelmed and has to admit defeat. The most tragic example of this is when Vegeta self-destructs hoping to eliminate Majin Buu, which is a tactic he almost resorts to in Dragon Ball Super.

Both times, Vegeta thinks of Trunks and safeguards him to protect his feelings from this traumatic event. Vegeta even agrees to sacrifice himself for Future Trunks when they are in his apocalyptic timeline.

1 Bulma was better: she is the only mother when Vegeta is dead

In most series, a character’s existence ends with his death, but it is a much more fluid situation in Dragon Ball and most of the characters have passed away at some point, only to return, courtesy of Dragon Balls. Vegeta’s sacrifice during the biggest fight against Majin Buu He takes him out of the picture and leaves Bulma as Trunks’ only father.

Of course, Vegeta revives two days later, but it’s still an emotionally difficult period for Bulma to negotiate with Trunks. It is also something that could easily happen in the future.

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