A look at video games like Subnautica that take place in underwater / ocean environments filled with wonderful life forms and abyssal terrors.

The vast majority of video games on the market take place on land, be it the surface of a planet or the decks of a ship; games like SubnauticaRather, it allows players to explore the depths of the ocean and dive into the depths of the sea to discover the strange life forms that lurk beneath the waves. The titles listed below are a remarkable example of video games built around the concept of exploring the ocean and the sea, each of which treats the ocean as a source of beauty and alien horror alike.

Ever since diving bells and breathing apparatus allow people to dive beyond the limits of their lungs, humanity has been fascinated with the ocean and the rapid variety of life forms that lurk in its depths. There are those who view the ocean as a strange world of wonder and beauty, focusing on the exotic fish, pearls, corals, and bioluminescent life forms found within it. Others treat the ocean as a dwelling place for writhing inhuman monsters: real-life creatures like giant squid, monkfish, and sharks, along with fictional creatures like Krakens, sea snakes, or the deepthroats from HP Lovecraft stories.

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Some of the games below focus more on the beautiful aspects of the ocean – the colorful fish and brightly lit coral reefs. Others focus more on the fearsome monsters of the deep sea and the overwhelming dark depths of the ocean. What all these games have in common is the emphasis on exploring these underwater environments in diving suits or in submarines (a la Jules Verne 20,000 leagues of underwater travel), with players experiencing both the joy of discovery and the terror of the unknown as they progress through the game.

Subnautica and Subnautica: below zero

In Subnautica Y Subnautica: below zero, the player takes on the role of an astronaut whose spaceship lands on an alien world, not on land, as is often the case, but in the middle of an ocean that merges with life. As with survival games like Oxide, the initial objective of the players is to search for supplies, collect resources and build the vehicles, equipment and habitats they need to survive. While building streamlined submarines, armored diving suits, and deep-sea underwater stations, gamers Subnautica They can then explore the darkest corners of the ocean, face terrifying underwater creatures, and uncover the mystery behind the underwater ruins left behind by a long-disappeared civilization.

Sunless sea

Roguelike’s ship exploration / management game Sunless sea, a spin-off of the critically acclaimed Fallen london A browser game, it puts players in the shoes of a rookie captain of an alternate history London dragged from the surface to a vast underground world called ‘Neath. Having recently taken possession of a used steamboat, or “zubmarine,” players set out into the dark and deep subterranean ocean known only as the “Unterzee” to seek their fortune … though the prospects of being blown up by pirates, devoured by “Zee” monsters, or maddened by cosmic horrors is much more likely. The biggest strength of Sunless sea By far it’s his clever and twisted writing, which immerses players in scenarios where congested Victorian ship crews must face irritating problems like monster-filled abandoned islands, mechanical suns, flirty devils from hell, and whether cannibalism is the right answer to. the shortage of supplies.


I like it Subnautica, the third person exploration game Abzu puts players in the shoes of a diving explorer who travels through verdant ocean environments, swimming among shoals of colorful fish and exploring underwater ruins.

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Unlike Subnautica, the initial gameplay of Abzu focuses less on creating survival and evading monsters, and more on the environment of wandering through ocean wonders and amongst vividly designed sea creatures, a product of art director sam behind Travel, among others.


Barotrauma game like between us

The cooperative submarine simulator Barotrauma combines ocean-planet exploration of Subnautica with “find the impostor” gameplay from Among us. Teams of players form the crew of a deep-sea submarine that explores the dark oceans beneath the icy surface of Europa, working together to steer their submarine through dark waters, repair malfunctioning subsystems, complete mission objectives. and deploy weapons to fight. out of the chitinous alien horrors trying to break through the hull. In certain game modes, one or more players can take on the role of saboteurs with secret missions to break equipment or assassinate other players, adding an extra level of tension to the deep-sea exploration game.

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