The highly anticipated second season of For all mankind just released on Apple TV +. The show makes big changes as these new episodes have jumped about a decade into the future, pushing the series back to 1983. During that time, a lot has happened to these characters and the space race itself.

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Since this show is set on an alternate timeline, world events between seasons had the potential to be very different from what happened in real life. Fans had a lot of questions after the way the first season ended. While the premiere responded to some, there are still many out there.

10 I still have: What happened to Danielle?

For All Mankind S2 - Krys Marshall

Near the end of the first season, Danielle Poole (Krys Marshall) became one of the heroes of the series. He sacrificed himself in a way that helped protect the career of fellow astronaut Gordo Stevens (Michael Dorman). After returning to Earth, he worked primarily with mission control.

Considering the time jump, viewers were eager to see what everyone was doing. That was especially true for a fan favorite. Unfortunately, Danielle was nowhere to be found in the premiere episode, which is strange since she was promoted to the main cast.

9 Answered: Tracy and Gordo still together?

for all mankind - gordo & tracy

The relationship between Gordo and Tracy Stevens (Sarah Jones) is one of the most important on the show. At first, Gordo was shown to be unfaithful. They weathered that storm and Tracy ended up becoming an astronaut. When the first season ended, they both had successful trips in space.

They left things on good terms, with Gordo opening up about seeing a psychiatrist and hugging each other after Tracy’s return to Earth. However, the premiere showed that Gordo seems to be far from NASA-related stuff, while Tracy has become a celebrity. Now they are also separated and Tracy announced their engagement on television.

8 I still have: Gordo returned to space?

The whole reason Danielle had to protect Gordo on the Moon was due to an emotional outburst she had. If NASA found out the truth, it would be deemed unfit to fly in the future. That left audiences wondering if it worked and if Gordo returned to space.

It is unclear if this happened. Gordo was seen as a guest speaker on the episode and those he spoke to wanted to hear the story of how he saved Danielle. It was clear that this was something that was bothering him. The part that is not clear is whether he ever returned to a rocket.

7 Answered: How is the story different?

for all mankind s2 - astronauts

As noted, For all mankind takes place in an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union won the space race. That changed things regarding NASA for the first season. The time jump in season two presented opportunities to change the entire world and that was instantly clear.

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The episode began with a montage of television clips and newspaper articles detailing life up to 1983. Things like Ronald Reagan’s presidency were still going on, but he was elected in 1976 instead of 1980. John Lennon survived his attack, he avoided the Three Mile Island disaster and Prince Charles married Camilla instead of Diana, among other changes.

6 I still have: Does Aleida have a job at NASA?

Aleida Rosales in For all humanity

One of the main recurring stories of the first season involved Aleida Rosales (Coral Peña). A bright young woman with aspirations to work at NASA, she befriended Margo (Wrenn Schmidt), who helped her land great opportunities. His father was deported at the end of the first season in a crushing scene.

Considering she was a teenager and the show was nearly ten years ahead, it appears that she is still in college or already working at NASA. However, she was not even mentioned even though Margo took a lot of screen time in the episode.

5 Answered: How far has Jamestown come?

For all mankind moonwalk astronauts

The audience was stunned when the show’s fifth episode ended with a two-year time jump. After a successful Apollo 15 mission to the Moon, the United States landed a base called Jamestown there. Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman), Danielle and Gordo were part of the startup.

After so many years, Jamestown was expected to have grown and viewers wanted to know how much he did. The premiere showed that it was now much larger and a dozen astronauts were stationed on the Moon.

4 I still have: What happened to Ellen and Pam?

The relationship between Ellen Wilson (Jodi Balfour) and Pam Horton (Meghan Leathers) was complicated. The two were in love and dating, but did so in secret, as Ellen believed it would damage her career at NASA. She even married Larry Wilson to protect that cover.

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The first season concluded with Ellen making it to Jamestown. She gave an interview in which she reaffirmed her love for Larry, whom Pam saw at the bar and looked heartbroken. The second season has yet to address whether the two reconciled or not.

3 Answered: Did Karen and Ed have another child?

For All Mankind S2 - Sarah Jones and Shantel Van Santen

The saddest story of the first season involved Ed and Karen Baldwin (Shantel VanSanten). The loving couple had to deal with the astonishing and tragic loss of their son Shane. Angry at his mother, Shane defied her and left home on his bike where he was hit by a car. He died in hospital from his injuries.

The loss took a toll on both parents, but Karen could be seen turning a corner and changing a bit as a person. Fans wondered if the two would try to have another child. Well, the premiere revealed that the Baldwins were now running Outpost bar / restaurant and had adopted a daughter named Kelly.

two I still have: How has the space race evolved?

For all mankind astronaut

Obviously, the whole show is based on the concept that the Soviet Union will reach the moon first. That led the United States to pick up the pieces and get there too. The Soviets were also the first to put a woman on the Moon. After that, the two countries fought for supremacy there.

All these years later and there was not much talk about the Soviets in space. America had clearly continued to grow and there was even communication between them and the Irish astronauts, but that’s about it. Most of the Soviet conversation revolved around the possibility of an attack.

1 Answered: Who replaced Deke?

The finale saw the death of Deke Slayton (Chris Bauer), the seasoned NASA officer who was finally medically cleared to go on his first mission into space. An injury caused his death and that meant that someone would have to take his place as Head of the Astronaut Office.

The second season began with two astronauts who had not been seen before arguing about going to see the Chief. When one walked into the office, it was revealed that Ed now had the job. It makes sense given her story, although it left the viewer wondering if she will ever return to the Moon.

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