Genshin Impact and KFC team up in a rare promotional event in China featuring a real Diluc chicken bucket and new skin for the wind glider.

A promotional image leaked on Twitter allegedly shows a China-only crossover event between Genshin Impact and Kentucky Fried Chicken. KFC has made a name for itself by performing a variety of bizarre stunts in media and pop culture in recent years. After opening a Twitter account called KFC Gaming, the fast food chain announced a dating simulator featuring an anime-inspired Colonel Sanders that players could fall in love with. He has also made waves for claiming that he is developing a game console, known as the KFConsole, that can play games and heat chicken. KFC’s relationship with games is definitely unusual.

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KFC has also had more traditional collaborations with gaming companies. Earlier this month, KFC China launched a series of Pokemon toys and music boxes with food to celebrate the Lunar New Year and Pokemon25th anniversary. This is in line with a promotion from the US, where Pokemon Cards are currently offered to accompany toys at McDonald’s Happy Meals. These types of agreements work: Pokemon Happy Meals sell like hotcakes, with many complaining about the fact that Pokemon music boxes were only available in China. Games and fast food seem to be a combination that attracts fans.

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KFC is now trying something new in China by offering Genshin Impact-Branded chicken cubes and a cross skin for the game’s Wind Glider. Filtered on Twitter by Zeniet (via Massively dominated), the promotion includes virtual and real-world items. Players can receive a code that grants a red and white striped mask for the Wind Glider that is designed to look like KFC’s trademarked cubes. Hungry fans can also purchase real-world KFC chicken cubes that feature new Diluc character art on the side. The ad features Diluc and Noelle in KFC-themed outfits, but it is unknown if they will be available in-game or if they are just promotional art. Based on the announcement date, the promotion will start on March 8. There is no indication that the promo or accompanying Wind Glider skin is available outside of China.

Compared to the bizarre stunts that KFC has performed in the past, this promotion seems pretty innocuous. While it’s disappointing that the Wind Glider skin and Diluc wing scoop will likely never make it to the US, the promo’s location makes sense – developer miHoYo is based in Shanghai, China.

Hopefully the worldwide flood of fan support for crossovers like these will generate more in the future; With KFC Gaming’s current popularity and meme status, it seems pretty likely. Fans shouldn’t despair if they can’t get hold of these particular items as more are sure to come in the future. Genshin Impact fans in China should consider themselves lucky to be able to participate in such a lovely promo.

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Source: Zeniet (via Massively dominated)

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