In Gilmore Girls, many characters have influence, either financially, like Richard and Emily, or in the city of Stars Hollow, like Lorelai and Luke.

Stars Hollow is a cozy, laid-back town that is home to some great hitters. Restaurant owner Luke Danes may seem like an average man who doesn’t care about materialistic things, but he’s secretly rich, which has a lot of power. Lorelai always had to fight for what she wanted, but she eventually prevailed with the help of those around her. And don’t forget about powerhouses like Richard and Emily Gilmore, and even Taylor Doose.

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These Gilmore Girls the characters are almighty in their own way, but only a few get what they want. Whether it’s because of money or social status, Stars Hollow (and those around it) have some pretty powerful residents.

10 Lane kim

Lane Kim is one of Stars Hollow’s most trusted and loyal residents. She has been by Rory’s side through thick and thin and works at Luke’s Diner, where she greets everyone.

But sadly, Lane doesn’t have that much power. He grew up in a strict home that did not allow him to express his true self. Even when Lane escaped her mother’s wrath, she moved into a house with two men where she was also outnumbered (but at least she got her own room!). Lane found her independence later in life, but the power she has is not as strong as the other characters.

9 Rory Gilmore

Rory Gilmore may have millionaire grandparents, a dedicated mother, and a trust fund, but that didn’t make her powerful. In fact, there were many times when Rory didn’t get away with it.

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Instead of fighting for what he wanted, he usually would back off and complain until he thought of another solution. Rory came from a powerful family, but her personality was too passive to become a powerful Gilmore.

8 Sookie St. James

Sookie didn’t have the kind of family money that her best friend and business partner Lorelai did, but she had a strong and confident personality, which made her powerful. When Sookie was in the kitchen, what she said mattered. Even her husband Jackson was nervous about confronting her regarding plant matters.

But what made Sookie special was that she was still soft enough for people to feel comfortable confronting her. She was powerful but accessible. Without his strong personality, however, it is difficult to say if he would have so much influence.

7 Christopher hayden

Christopher Hayden grew up in a powerful family adjacent to the Gilmores. After Rory was born, it is unknown what Christopher ended up doing with his life, but he was known to his family as a disappointment. What viewers know is that he didn’t always get his way. Lorelai rejected him for years, Rory held a grudge against him throughout his teenage life, and his parents despised him.

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However, this all changed when Christopher’s grandfather died and left him a lot of money. He finally had his finances in order Y he managed to make Lorelai his wife for a short time. Christopher became arrogant, confident, and powerful when it came to money.

6 Luke danes

Luke shovels lorelais acera - gilmore girls

Luke is the type of man who doesn’t seem to have a lot of strength, but that’s where we’re all wrong. Luke truly is a mainstay in the community. He owns a real estate property, owns one of the most popular food outlets in town, and is the only one who can change Taylor Doose’s mind. Luke’s strong demeanor, intimidation, and secret backgrounds make him a powerful and discreet man in society.

5 Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai Gilmore is secretly powerful. Yes, she comes from a successful family and most likely had an accessible trust fund when she was 20 years old, but there is something else that makes her even more powerful: her charm.

Lorelai can achieve whatever she wants in life thanks to this special ability she has to make people fall in love with her. She essentially talks sweetly to get in (or out) of everything. Emily helped her with her termite loan, Luke loaned her $ 30,000 for the inn, Luke renovated her home, her parents paid for their daughter’s education … Lorelai was powerful solely because of her charms and the people who would do anything for her .

4 Taylor doose

Taylor Doose might as well be the mayor of Stars Hollow. He owns Doose’s Market, leads the City Beautification Committee, and is in charge of all town hall meetings. When it comes to politics, Taylor Doose is the most powerful man in Stars Hollow. He knows the laws, he knows everything there is to know about Stars Hollow, and people are afraid to approach him. Taylor always gets away with it.

3 Logan huntzberger

While Dean and Jess were once main characters in Gilmore Girls, it is Logan Huntzberger who deserves to be ranked among the most powerful characters. He’s the guy who dated Rory the longest and was still in a relationship with her on the reboot.

Logan is one of the most powerful figures on the show solely because of his last name. Everyone knew that the Huntzbergers and their family owned most of the mainstream media. Logan got away with everything due to the large pockets of his family and his last name. Even his mistakes weren’t mistakes because he always fixed them.

two Paris geller

Paris yelling at rory - gilmore girls

Paris Geller is far more powerful than Taylor Doose, Lorelai, and Logan put together. Due to her intelligence, quick thinking, and ability to win an argument, Paris always got her way. Sure, she didn’t get into Harvard for bachelor’s degrees, but she was able to go there for graduate school, which shows that she always gets what she wants one way or another.

Her family had money, but Paris knew how to get what she wanted without funds. She was aggressive, assertive, and it always worked to her advantage.

1 Richard and Emily Gilmore

Gilmore Girls Richard and Emily

It should come as no surprise that Emily and Richard Gilmore came out on top as the most powerful people in the series. The Gilmores always got what they wanted. In fact, even though they were disappointed in their daughter for most of her life, they were able to get one thing out of her: Friday night dinners. Their connections, social status and millions could get them everything they wanted in life. Jobs, homes, educational opportunities, whatever. Emily and Richard ruled everything.

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