Though Gilmore Girls Unsurprisingly, it focused more on its female characters, many of the guys who populated Stars Hollow and its surroundings brought a lot to the series, and to the relationships and dynamics within the show.

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Like most of the characters in Gilmore Girls, the guys had many quirks and brought a lot of personality to the show itself. Not all of them became love interests or had significant romantic relationships throughout their journey, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have romantic potential either. So which of the Gilmore Girls did the boys have the least or greatest romantic potential?

10 Logan huntzberger

Logans Going Party - Gilmore Girls

At the beginning of his relationship with Rory, it seemed like Logan Huntzberger had a lot to grow. And by the time Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life rolled, it looked like he had done absolutely none of that.

That’s not to say that Logan can’t grow up or change now, but since he’s in his 30s, it seems like he’s not a great goalkeeper.

9 Christopher hayden

In Rory’s little black book about ancient flames, Logan was clearly meant to be his version of Christopher, and Christopher seems equally ill-equipped to be a decent companion.

Yes, he managed to fix things for Gigi, and he was a half-decent boyfriend for Lorelai after years of not being there for her, but as soon as he and Lorelai were married, he seemed to revert to the worst version of himself. .

8 Dean forester

Dean entered college - Gilmore Girls

It’s weird, because while Dean was Rory’s ideal first boyfriend, he actually revealed some darker sides of himself as he grew older.

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His inability to get over Rory crippled his marriage to Lindsay, and though it hopefully grew in the interval between his breakup with Rory and his brief appearance on A year in the life, the mere fact that he cheated on his wife makes him a bad partner.

7 Kirk gleason

Stars Hollow is a city full of weirdos, and Kirk Gleason might be the strangest of them all. He appears to be terminally underemployed and still lives with his mother, but if anyone could overlook his endless litany of eccentricities, it would probably be a good boyfriend or husband.

He clearly loved Lulu and treated her relatively well, making it boyfriend material for a certain super specific demographic.

6 Taylor doose

Taylor Doose never seemed to have any love interest or express any interest in finding one, and it seems unlikely that she could meet someone who meets her ever-demanding standards.

And while it is unbearable for most, there are also some attractive aspects for Taylor. After all, he’s successful, motivated, ambitious, and has many different interests, so for the right person, he could be Mr. Perfect.

5 Michel Gerard

The only person who could have higher standards than Taylor is Michel Gerard, however he would probably offer a lot to the right person as well.

Michel only has those high standards because he holds himself to high standards, and while he’s not always the kindest to Lorelai or Sookie, he’s a true ride-or-die friend to both of them. His loyalty is worth the price of his thorny nature.

4 Zack van gerbig

Zack Being Mean - Gilmore Girls

Zack really seems like a lazier fool, but his relationship with Lane really got the better of him.

He’s one of the best boyfriends in the series, and he’s the type of guy who easily doubles as a best friend-boyfriend combination. Not only does he support Lane’s dreams, he wants to dream them together with her, and quite consistently puts Lane’s wants and needs before his own.

3 Jess Mariano

Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia) in

In hindsight, it’s shocking how good Jess turned out to be. He was a terrible teenage boyfriend to Rory, but in the end he really recovered.

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It’s ironic, because while Rory was always the girl who knew who she wanted to be when she was young, Jess ended up being the one who pushed her in the right direction when she had gotten lost, first when she left Yale and then at A year in the life when she had no idea what to do with herself.

two Luke danes

gilmore luke girls

It’s amazing that it took Lorelai so long to realize that Luke was the one for her, as he’s easily one of the best guys in the world. Gilmore Girls And there aren’t many downsides to dating him.

Yes, the way he handled the April situation was horrible, but overall he was incredibly kind, trustworthy, supportive, and caring, to both Lorelai and Rory. And the best of all is that when you fall in love with someone, you accompany everything to the end.

1 Richard Gilmore

richard crying for his vow renewal - gilmore girls

In the world of Gilmore girls, It seems fitting that the man with the most romantic potential is the same man from Gilmore, Richard. Richard wasn’t a perfect husband, but he came very close to that.

Not only was he loyal and loving to Emily from start to finish, but he was also skilled, chivalrous, intelligent, and surprisingly funny. Not surprisingly, his breakup with Emily didn’t last, and it was a great loss to the Gilmore world.

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