In The golden girls Camaraderie, playfulness, and the lasting bonds of friendship were valued above all else, but occasionally influence also dominated in a series that focused on four women enjoying the remaining decades on their own terms. The series was a breath of fresh air compared to others that described “the golden years” as lacking in emotion, glamor and sex appeal.

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Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia attended Miami society events, wore fashionable clothing, and had vibrant personal lives. They inspired respect, had varying degrees of popularity, and demonstrated that “women of a certain age” could be status symbols. Knowing that, they weren’t fully retired yet either, concerned about their pensions and interacting with other characters who had their own financial problems. Deriving the social position of the main characters is complicated and enlightening.

9 Michael Zbornak

Michael Zbornak

Dorothy’s son Michael was a traveling musician, often traveling from city to city in search of session bands to sit with. Dorothy lamented her lack of stable employment, although she defended it to her friends. He wasn’t a prominent name in the music industry and he always seemed to find his way back to Dorothy’s couch when concerts weren’t working.

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He married Lorraine in season 3, a woman several years older than him who sang in his band, but unfortunately by season 5 they had divorced. Michael never seemed to be able to act enough to find satisfaction.

8 Rebecca Devereaux

golden girls blanche rebecca

Blanche’s daughter Rebecca, an overweight former beauty model after getting into an abusive relationship, seemed to disappoint her mother throughout. The strained relationship between her and Blanche seemed to stem from Blanche’s perceived lack of energetic determination and stubborn nature, until she decided to have a baby through artificial insemination.

Despite Blanche’s displeasure at her decision, she remained true to her convictions and had her baby the way she wanted. She seemed content to be far out of the limelight, creating a life free of judgment or the influence of other people’s opinions.

7 Salvadore petrillo

Salvadore petrillo

Sophia’s late husband, Salvadore Petrillo, an immigrant from Sicily to Brooklyn in the 1920s, was her partner for more than forty years. They lived in a small apartment for most of the time together, where they raised their three children Gloria, Phil, and Dorothy (the latter being his and Sophia’s favorite).

Not much was known about Sal’s career except that he, like his wife, maintained steady employment during the Great Depression and never let his family starve. It was never explicitly stated to what extent, but Salvadore may have had ties to the mafia.

6 Miles Webber

Rosa and miles starlight

Rose’s boyfriend, Miles Webber, was a history teacher and a respected member of their community, who often hosted dinners with intellectual discussions that made Rose feel very out of place. On the other hand, Miles never felt very comfortable accompanying Rose to something formal, or that he, as a self-described spender, considered too expensive.

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Miles’s life was a fabrication, and Rose soon learned that her respectable boyfriend was actually Nicholas Carbone, an accountant for a mobster, forced to participate in the witness protection program. He later had to assume the alias of Samuel Plankmaker after his former boss named him and he left Miami.

5 Sophia petrillo

Dorothy’s mother, Sophia Petrillo, was a salty Sicilian immigrant who, along with her Salvadore husband, worked hard all her life to provide for their children. After his retirement home, Shady Pines, caught fire, he lived with Dorothy, but continued to work part-time jobs to make his way.

Proud and stubborn, Sophia worked in fast food and even became a spaghetti sauce and sandwich entrepreneur to prove to herself and others that she was still capable of supporting herself. He was supposed to have mob connections, which seemed to lend some weight to his threats.

4 Stan zbornak

Stan Zbornak in The Golden Girls

Despite being Dorothy’s ex-husband, who cheated on her with a young flight attendant on the way to Hawaii, Stan Zbornak turned into a somewhat wealthy businessman. He went from trying to convince Dorothy to give him money, to inventing a baked potato opener that made him rich virtually overnight called “Zbornie.”

Stan may not have been a very talented or charming man, but he was persistent, a trait that often separates those who eventually achieve some kind of success or notoriety. At the end of the series, he took his company Zbornco internationally, licensing “Zbornie” to Japan. Despite being rich, Stan could never escape his legacy as a “yutz”.

3 Rose nylund

Born in St. Olaf, Minnesota to a monk and his lover, Rose Nylund was given up for adoption after her father returned to monastic life and her mother died in childbirth. She was eventually adopted by Norwegian parents and raised on a farm, where she gained a wide range of anecdotes, remedies, and home knowledge.

Rose may have had a humble start, but she graduated as the top student in her class from high school (though she later revealed that she technically didn’t graduate), eventually putting her heart into everything from becoming a grief counselor to helping out. to one of Miami’s leading consumer reporters, Enrique Mas. Her roommates may have found her a bit naive, but her community respected her.

two Dorothy Zbornak

Dorothy Zbornak was born in Brooklyn to Sophia and Salvadore Petrillo, inheriting their work ethic and fiery temperament. She married young and had two children, eventually leaving New York and moving to Miami with her husband Stan. Her infidelity caused her marriage to implode and she vowed to support herself.

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Dorothy’s calling was always education, and she worked as a substitute high school teacher specializing in American history and English, as well as a night school instructor for adults interested in completing their high school equivalency, and even as a tutor alongside Blanche in art. Museum. Although she was not always sure of her impact on her students, she was highly respected as an educator and her friends always trusted her for their wise advice.

1 Blanche devereaux

Born into a prominent Georgia family, Blanche Devereaux grew up in high society in Atlanta, accustomed to the attention of her “Big Daddy” father and the envy of her peers. She moved from her family’s plantation to Miami when she married her husband George and remained there after his death, working in an art museum.

Blanche was used to a certain social status and enjoyed certain privileges of being born into opulence. She owned the house Sophia, Rose and Dorothy lived in, and was responsible for its upkeep. Of all her roommates, she seemed the most financially stable, popular, and known within high and low social circles alike.

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