Grand Theft Auto 6 could adopt a launch strategy like the MMORPG World of Warcraft, as Rockstar is reportedly considering releasing GTA 6 in parts.

Rock stars Grand theft auto 6 it’s easily one of the most anticipated game releases ever. The monumental success of GTA 5 and the persistent popularity of GTA Online It has led to great anticipation of what the next open world series could be. Rockstar Games has yet to confirm it’s working GTA 6, but in 2020 information emerged from a trusted source that suggested the company could do GTA more like World of warcraft.

That does not mean GTA 6 It will be a fantasy game, but Rockstar is reportedly planning to release the follow-up to GTA 5 like a series of smaller releases, like the way Blizzard releases biennial expansions to World of warcraft. GTA Online remains insanely popular, and Rockstar has announced that it will relaunch the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which could mean that the developer will continue to add rather than eventually abandon it as GTA 4 online fashion.

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That could result in Rockstar sticking with Los Santos while adding new maps that players can visit, like Vice or Liberty City, for example. That way, players can keep the years of money, business, items and cosmetics they have accumulated over the years in GTA Online instead of having to start over. A gradual release of GTA 6 It would also allow Rockstar to mitigate the video game industry’s reliance on the developer crisis to get great titles out the door.

GTA 6 Release Schedule Could Look Like World of Warcraft

GTA 6 could make the Rockstar series look more like World of Warcraft GTA 5 Art Jimmy

Bloomberg‘s Jason schreier published a report focused primarily on Rockstar’s company culture, but teased that a new installment of GTA was still early in development. “Apart from revealing that GTA 6 It’s probably years away, he detailed a new launch strategy the company was considering. The change comes after reports that Rockstar developers worked “100 hour weeks” prior to Red Dead Redemption 2and it was said to reduce the crisis needed to polish its intricate open-world titles.

A plan that management has laid out for the next game, a new entry into the Grand Theft Auto series, is to start with a moderate-sized release (which, by Rockstar standards, would still be a large game) that is then expanded with regular updates over time, which can help mitigate stress and crisis.

It’s hard to say what that will look like in practice, but given GTA Onlinepopularity, Rockstar is in no rush to quit GTA 5lucrative multiplayer mode. That could result in Rockstar initially releasing a part of GTA 6full campaign with a completely new map to explore on GTA Online. Then I would promise a follow-up to that release a year or two later, similar to Blizzard. Woof release schedule.

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The recently released GTA Online The Cayo Perico heist gave players an idea of ​​what this launch plan would look like. The update added a small island off the coast of Los Santos that users can explore, which could be Rockstar’s way of incorporating future cities into the series. That would become GTA 6 in a game-as-a-service, which may not sit well with fans waiting for a release on the line of GTA 5 back in 2013, but that might be next to impossible now that games are exponentially more technically demanding.

RDR2 Rockstar took eight years to develop, and its employees still needed to work hard to launch it. Adopting World of warcraftLaunching strategies could be a way to keep players enjoying themselves GTA Online as Rockstar advances the story towards Grand theft auto 6. Whether this change will lessen the crisis remains to be seen, but at least it cuts developers’ timelines to smaller tasks rather than monumental feats.

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