The introduction of Remus Lupine in the Harry Potter The series was instantly met with praise, as he proved to be one of the friendliest Gryffindors. However, while he lived up to his House traits, many have wondered if he suited Hufflepuff better, given that he also shared many of their attributes.

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There is a valid argument in any case, since the personalities of a Hufflepuff were very striking in Remus in some cases, while the spirit of a Gryffindor was dominant in other occasions. This also means that it exhibited the strongest and weakest aspects of the Houses to varying degrees.

10 Hufflepuff: be the voice of reason

Where Gryffindors are known to be outspoken and cheeky for the most part, Hufflepuffs tend to be the voice of reason, best seen when the Fat Friar wanted to forgive Peeves, unlike other ghosts. Remus was never the aggressor in any situation he found himself in, being the one who calmed things down.

He was the only one who kept Sirius in check when his friend was acting bad after being under house arrest, and he also stopped Sirius and Molly from fighting over Harry by being the mediator. When Harry wanted to accuse Snape, Remus weighed the stage rather than agreeing with Harry, which is something a Hufflepuff would do.

9 Gryffindor: being brave even when society rejected him and lost his friends

It might be worth seeing Lupin’s story in its entirety in a possible Marauders spin-off, as he spent more than a decade searching for suitable jobs and being shunned by the wizarding community for being a werewolf. Even then, he maintained a brave attitude and did not want anyone’s sympathy.

Considering how he lived in poverty his entire adult life, it’s remarkable that Remus went through such difficult times, especially when he had no more friends to trust. Like a true Gryffindor, Remus kept faith in himself and didn’t give in to negative feelings.

8 Hufflepuff: accepting people with all personality traits

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It can be considered as the Marauders’ biggest mistake to intimidate someone like Snape, as his hatred for James led him to reveal the prophecy to Voldemort. However, Remus did not directly engage in bullying, as he always welcomed people regardless of their personality or background.

Helga Hufflepuff was famous for “assimilating the rest”, which means that the House accepted those who did not have the distinctive features of the other Houses. Remus never favored or valued any particular trait in others, which highly qualifies him as a person who fits the Hufflepuff mindset.

7 Gryffindor: tendencies to get sucked into bravado


The movie ignored most of the details, but fans of the books will know of the Marauders who were too wrapped up in their own bravery to consider the dangers they were involved in. Remus admitted it to the Shrieking Shack, confessing his guilt for betraying Dumbledore. he hopes to leave the hut with his friends to roam the grounds freely as a werewolf.

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The Gryffindors displayed this trait too many times for it to not be one of their attributes, as the Golden Trio became too wrapped up in their victories and talents to consider the impact of breaking the rules. This house tends to be too bold, and Remus definitely showed his knack for recklessness.

6 Hufflepuff: be more of a follower than a leader

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Lupin’s talent made him one of Hogwarts’ most beloved teachers, although he never taught others to be leaders. Gryffindors are natural in this area, and almost every character has displayed this attribute in the series; however, Remus didn’t do much of that.

He was content to follow James, Sirius, Dumbledore, and Kingsley, among other authority figures. Hufflepuffs are excellent and dependable when they are part of a team, as their strengths are carrying out plans to great effect, not so much in the leadership role, but in delivering the value of teamwork.

5 Gryffindor: his extreme loyalty to Gryffindor

To be fair, loyalty is also considered a Hufflepuff trait, although the distinguishing factor here is that Remus’ loyalty goes to excessive extremes, even a fault. The Gryffindors have proven this, with the likes of Hermione, Ron, Sirius, Harry and more ready to lay down their lives for their friends.

Remus kept his friends’ secrets safe even when confessing them would have been the best decision. He cared for and kept Harry safe out of loyalty to James so many years after his death, and he dedicated himself to Dumbledore in gratitude for the way he had treated him.

4 Hufflepuff: your preference for avoiding conflict

This is one of Remus’ best traits, as he avoided the Gryffindor stereotype of being too caught up in his own heroic deeds to consider the dangers involved. Hufflepuffs are notorious pacifists who prefer to solve problems rather than watch things turn into conflicts.

He was never seen encouraging characters to get into fights or disputes, preferring to stay away from such situations. Like Hufflepuffs, Lupine also made this a disadvantage at times, as he could become easy prey. Still, his attitude of being patient and objective allowed his friends to avoid situations that could have ended very badly.

3 Gryffindor: being bold in the face of adversity

When the time came, Remus didn’t mind niceties and was very frank in his intention to fight. Gryffindors are very bold in this area, making sure others are aware of their bravery. Lupine did the same by being one of the few who openly said Voldemort’s name.

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Even more impressive was how he became a spy for Dumbledore by being among werewolves, a place where even the slightest hint of betrayal could have seen him die. Of course, there is also the fact that he was very open to fighting at the Battle of Hogwarts, without showing any fear.

two Hufflepuff: never showing aspirations to be the center of attention

Hufflepuffs don’t seek any celebrity status, nor do they care to be the talk of the town. These personalities are happy to be part of the group and do not have a draw for the limelight. Lupine was the only one of the Marauders who was this way, not looking like James and Sirius or yearning to do it like Pettigrew.

When he experienced popularity as the best DADA teacher at Hogwarts, Lupine remained modest and did not participate in any pompous activities as Lockhart had done in the same position; he was content to just be included and nothing else, traits a Hufflepuff will understand well.

1 Gryffindor: his willingness to sacrifice himself

Lupine approaches Tonks's hand at Hogwarts

Gryffindors are too daring and brave to consider the possibility of death as an obstacle, making them too willing to sacrifice their lives. Remus was included in the list of heroic deaths during the series, as he gave his life during the Battle of Hogwarts.

He admitted that he would have died rather than speak if Voldemort had approached him as Pettigrew, proving that his ways of self-denial were there even when he was young. After death, his ghost confessed to Harry that he hoped his son would understand why he had given his life, as his views on this matter did not change even after his passing.

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