The Vampire Diaries and Harry Potter are literally worlds apart, but if the characters collided, who would be the best and worst couples?

Although one world is a world of vampires and the other is a world of witchcraft and sorcery, it is safe to say that the fictional universes of The vampire diaries Y Harry Potter they have more similarities than differences. And one thing these universes undeniably share is that they are teeming with characters who are thrust into a dangerous supernatural world that they cannot control and do not always understand.

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But if the characters of TVD Y HP they actually met face to face, what would their relationships be like? Who would make great couples and what duos would be destined for a breakup?

10 Would work: Jeremy & Cho

Jeremy Gilbert Cho Chang Harry Potter Vampire Diaries

Jeremy Gilbert and Cho Chang occupy similar spaces within their respective franchises. Although they are often overlooked, they actually have a lot to offer.

Jeremy was initially dismissed as nothing more than Elena’s little brother, but not only did he handle his introduction to the vampire world well, he actually had a lot of hidden talent. And the same goes for Cho, although she never came close to being a member of the main Golden Trio, she was a certified badass.

9 It wouldn’t work: Matt and Luna

Luna Lovegood Matt Donovan Harry Potter Vampire Diaries

Matt Donovan is a genuinely good person who adapted quite well to the supernatural world he was abruptly thrown into, all things considered. However, it is obvious that if he had a choice, he would live a perfectly normal human life.

Luna Lovegood clearly occupies the opposite end of the spectrum. Not only is she an incredibly talented witch, but she loves all things weird and supernatural, so her and Matt’s personality types certainly wouldn’t mix well.

8 Would Work: Tyler and Ginny

Tyler Lockwood Ginny Weasley Vampire Diaries Harry Potter

When Tyler Lockwood was transformed into a werewolf, his entire personality was transformed as well. He may never have been the one cast as Harry Potter, but when Tyler was faced with tough decisions and moral dilemmas, he really stepped up.

And while the Harry Potter The movies didn’t do Ginny Weasley justice, she seems like the kind of girl who would pair well with Tyler. She is strong, independent, and has her own life, but it is a journey or she dies for her boyfriend and she is not afraid of danger.

7 It wouldn’t work: Katherine and Voldemort

Katherine Pierce Voldemort Vampire Diaries Harry Potter

Katherine Pierce and Lord Voldemort are characters who seem to be attracted to each other if they occupy the same fictional universe, but any relationship between them could never last.

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Katherine, of course, would be drawn to anyone with a significant amount of power, and Voldemort might be impressed by Katherine’s wit. However, Katherine’s attempts to use Voldy for her own ends would undoubtedly put him off, and Katherine wouldn’t want to stay with anyone who was more powerful than her for too long.

6 Would it work: Bonnie and Ron

Ron Weasley Bonnie Bennett Harry Potter Vampire Diaries

Despite the fact that Bonnie and Ron are quite underrated in their respective friend groups, they actually have an enormous amount to offer, and would probably feel like they are soul mates if they ever met.

Both Bonnie and Ron are genuinely good people too, and considering that Bonnie has suffered greatly since discovering the world of magic, it would be great for her to join someone as cheerful and kind as Ron.

5 It wouldn’t work: Klaus and Snape

Severus Snape Klaus Mikaelson Harry Potter Vampire Diaries

Klaus Mikaelson and Severus Snape have a lot in common on the surface. They are both products of abusive childhoods, both are drawn to the dark side, but there is one aspect of their inner self that is decent and cannot be easily turned off.

But that said, they both tend to languish in self-pity and almost seem to thrive on the idea that no one can understand them, so they wouldn’t work as a couple.

4 Would work: Caroline and Hermione

Hermione Granger Caroline Forbes Harry Potter Vampire Diaries

One character duo who are strikingly similar but could actually figure it out is Hermione and Caroline. Both Miss Granger and Miss Forbes occupy similar roles within the group, they are super achievers whose Type A personalities can upset a lot of people in the wrong way, but ultimately, they can always be trusted to get the job done.

But Hermione and Caroline would understand why the other is so nervous, and they would actually appreciate all of the other’s wonderful qualities without judging each other by their more irritating features.

3 It wouldn’t work: Elena and Harry

Elena Gilbert Harry Potter Vampire Diaries

On the surface, Harry and Elena share something in common. Both are chosen who are willing to sacrifice for the greater good, and both have a group of friends who travel or die who never stop helping them.

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However, Elena is a bit more depressing than Harry, as Harry experiences countless losses but doesn’t let that alter or completely destroy him as a person.

two Would work: Stefan & Tonks

Stefan Salvatore Nymphadora Tonks Vampire Diaries Harry Potter

Sometimes people with drastically different personalities would never work in pairs, but sometimes opposites attract. Stefan is pretty much a professional crybaby, but someone as funny and strong-willed as Nymphadora Tonks could bring out the long-buried funny side of Stefan Salvatore.

Stefan also seems to be a bit obsessed with playing the hero of a damsel in distress, and since Tonks is anything but that, they could have a relationship where both partners are on equal footing.

1 It wouldn’t work: Damon and Bellatrix

Bellatrix Lestrange Damon Salvatore Harry Potter Vampire Diaries

Bellatrix and Damon share some superficial similarities. One is a maniacal and unpredictable witch, and the other is a maniacal and unpredictable vampire. But beneath that superficial connection, Bella and Damon couldn’t be more different.

If anything, Bellatrix is ​​the most cheerfully cruel and violent person in the whole world. Harry Potter series, while Damon finally beats himself up for every mistake he makes. They are opposites in every way that counts.

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