Yanmega is one of the most recent evolutions introduced in the Sinnoh region. This guide will show players how they can find it in Pokémon Go.

Yanmega is one of the Sinnoh Pokémon that players can catch in Pokemon go. This guide will show players how to obtain it. Since its initial launch in 2016, Pokemon go has slowly dropped additional Pokémon for players to catch. While the main titles are already in Gen 8, players can expect Pokémon only until Gen 6. In the past 5 years, a new Gen has been introduced in one form or another at least once a year. Yanmega is one of the Pokémon that was introduced with the fourth generation. This guide will show players how they can obtain it.

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Yanmega is the evolution of the second generation Pokémon, Yanma. A big part of Generation 4 was the reintroduction of older Pokémon that never had a moment in the limelight. Pokémon like Lickitung, Tangela, Magmar, Electabuzz, and more received additional forms. Yanma was a fairly basic Pokémon in the second generation that was not very viable as a casual catch or competitive Pokémon. In Pokemon go, the game simplified how players can obtain these Pokémon by putting them all together on the Sinnoh Stone. This item is used as an evolutionary item in the game. This guide will show players how they can get Yanmega in Pokemon Go.

How to find (and catch) Yanmega in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Yanmega

Yanma needs 2 things for him to become Yanmega.

  • 100 Yanma candies: This can be collected by capturing more Yanma or by setting Yanma as your friend. After some distance, you will find 1 candy. Players can also use Pinap Berries during wild encounters to double the amount of candy that is collected after capture.
  • A Sinnoh Stone: This is the more difficult of the two items to collect. The best way to collect one is by completing PvP trainer battles, defeating a Rocket team leader, collecting the 7th day field research reward, and it may possibly be the mystery item in the Go Battle league.

Put these two elements together and the player has a Yanmega. Sinnoh Evolutions are among the most challenging Pokémon to enter the game. It has nothing to do with sweets but with the Sinnoh Stone. Once in a while, Pokemon go It will host events where players can earn Sinnoh Stones as a reward. One of the previous events in 2020 provided 3 Sinnoh Stones that were essential in completing the Sinnoh Dex. As more Pokémon are introduced to the game, hopefully Sinnoh Stones will be easier to come by.

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Pokemon go is now available on iOS and Android.

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