The artistic edge of the 80s singer Kate Bush had a notable presence in her music videos, these being the most viewed on YouTube.

One of the most famous musicians for pioneering electronic, theatrical and avant-garde dream-pop on the radio scene of the 80s, Kate Bush built her career from the beginning as a talented young songwriter. She often writes and sings about complex emotional themes and themes of femininity, family, femininity, heartache, relationships, and the dynamics between gender roles at the time, not only hosting catchy and experimental songs but also transgressive ones.

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Since then, Bush has left a powerful legacy, as new generations can discover and experience his music, attracting fans of the 80s and alternative listeners. His artistic edge also had a notable presence in his music videos, all of which involve some kind of emphatic performance by Bush.

10 Breathing – 2 million views

The strange and expressive nature in which Kate Bush allocates her musical and visual imagination is reason to realize how much she has inspired modern artists. In this video, she is trapped in a bubble that implies an embryonic or intermediate nature, as well as her acting as a literal, wide-eyed being who eventually passes into the outside world to exist among others. The experience is strange and almost cerebral, as it raises questions considering the style and themes of the Renaissance.

9 Hounds of Love – 4.1 million views

The epic and hopeful pace is combined with a cinematic video in which Kate Bush plays an ordinary woman who is taken on an adventure by a mysterious man in a suit. Perhaps a metaphor for falling in love, the video plays with the logic of the dream as she lets herself handcuff the man in the middle of a fun party, juxtaposed with her normal life. They run away, dance, and run again, a fun allegory of roller coaster emotions and risk in relationships.

8 The man with the boy’s eyes: 4.8 million views

In the music video for this dizzying lullaby, Kate Bush dances in a glowing, heavenly space. His range is also much lower than the treble he often uses in songs that produce music videos. The pieces would have been a normal 80s music video if not for Kate Bush’s weird movements and exaggerated expressions.

7 Army Dreamers – 5.5 million views

Bush runs disoriented, perhaps remembering the lost childhood in the “Army Dreamers” video. The video has a fantastic touch as it is filled with small explosions, one of which repeatedly hits Kate as she dreams of finding a man and a boy in the woods. The melody is calm and haunting; the video reflects a perspective that implies regret and nostalgia.

6 The Sensual World – 5.6 million views

Kate Bush invites listeners to “The Sensual World” through an ethereal forest landscape. She dances dressed as a doctor, and encounters different elements of nature, especially fire in the distance, while singing about a woman’s experiences.

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There is an admission in reference to pagan themes, as many times comparisons are made between the view of women and sinners and how society often sees the two as the same.

5 Wuthering Heights (Version 2) – 9 million views

With Bush’s strange yet seductive and playful voice, this version of “Wuthering Heights” features its own neat flower witch in a bright red dress. The melody that jumps and swoons over her dances singing for the camera, wandering in a misty mist. Bush is quite cheeky in locating a character that the song apparently describes. The performance manages to be both silly and comforting and encouraging due in part to Bush’s shameless expression.

4 Cloudbusting – 12 million visits

A song written and based on a true story about a scientist separated from his son, the cinematic video features Bush as a child and Donald Sutherland as his father. The two work on an epic invention, presumably the “cloud breaker” machine, until the scientist stops at an emotional climax. The song itself is epic and unabashedly personal, as Bush writes from a different point of view than his own (he seemed to enjoy writing and acting in character).

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At the end of the video, the son turns on the machine and it begins to rain, to the joy of the boy and his father.

3 Wuthering Heights (Version 1) – 23 million views

The “first” version of “Wuthering Heights” is similar in nature to the second version, although it involves Kate Bush in a very different setting. The setting is like a stage, with an empty background and bright theatrical lighting. As he wildly expresses his song in a pampering way while in the mist, Bush dances instead. Its subtly mind-blowing presentation and use of color is a direct throwback to the ’80s.

two Babooshka – 25 million views

“Babooshka” is an incredibly powerful ballad that is practically impossible to sing, particularly in his choir. The song itself is about a woman who decides to put her husband’s fidelity to the test when their marriage is falling apart.

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Recalling the love she once had due to abject desirability and heartbreak that comes from society’s views on aging, Kate Bush expresses glamor and absurdity as she switches between coyly standing around a hem in a black dress. veiled before bursting into the choir in goddess-like garb.

1 Up that hill – 42 million views

This is Bush’s most popular single as the beat is so catchy and motivating that it is still played frequently in gyms today. The lyrical conversation about how to convince God to allow everyone to experience the lives of different genders (particularly men and women) is translated into the video through a dizzying choreography between Bush and a dancer. The symbology becomes more abstract towards the end of the video, as their relationship is expressed in conflict, resistance, confusion, and attractiveness.

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