In Kid Cosmic, Papa G’s joke alludes to his history with the rings, continuing a tradition of animation.

Warning: the following contains spoilers for Cosmic child, currently broadcasting on Netflix.

Cosmic child is Craig McCracken’s new kids and superheroes masterpiece. Follow Kid Cosmic as he builds a team of heroes and saves the world with the help of cosmic rings. Her team includes Rosa, Jo, Tuna Sandwich, and Papa G, her wonderfully eccentric grandfather. He lives with Kid in the junkyard and is his guardian after Kid’s parents die. While little is known about Papa G’s past, his interactions with the rings provide interesting information.

In episode 2, “Kid Cosmic and the Giant Girl”, Kid and Jo fight to gain control of a now enlarged Rose, and after putting her to sleep, they try to remove the ring from her finger. Hearing the chaos outside, Papa G offers his help.

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Confident in his grandfather’s abilities, Kid gives up and tells him all about the rings, and Papa G simply responds, “If I had a penny for every time I heard I’d have a penny.” As bizarre as a statement is, it could hint at Papa G having a history with the rings before this Rose debacle.

Seeing the rings and their true power, Papa G is unfazed. It is also by chance when he sees Chuck and refers to him as “the man in the moon”, and continues as if this were something common in this small town where nothing happens.

There’s also the case where Rosa is about to step on Chuck before Papa G jumps out to stop her, donning the Multiply Ring. Under Rosa’s foot, Papa G multiplies and lifts his and Chuck’s foot, warning Rosa that heroes help, they don’t hurt. When everyone else wears their rings for the first time, they struggle to gain control and take weeks to get used to them; meanwhile, Papa G masters his ring in milliseconds.

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All of this could mean that Papa G has a history with rings. This concept would not be strange in the field of animation, much less in animation with super powers, such as Ben 10 ‘s Grandpa Max was revealed to be a plumber, having known about the Omnitrix and aliens since the beginning of the series; however, he decided to keep his knowledge hidden to allow Ben to become his own hero. Papa G could easily be Kid’s grandfather Max, watching his family train with extraordinary abilities George encountered before.

The season comes to a close with the shocking reveal of eight more stones, and Queen Xhan begs Kid Cosmic and the Local Heroes to help find the rest of them to stop the planet’s killer. This could lead to Season 2 revealing Papa G’s past with aliens or even a possible original team of local heroes who once owned the stones with Papa G alongside them.

Created by Craig McCracken, Kid Cosmic stars Jack Fisher, Amanda CĂ©line Miller, Keith Ferguson, Lily Rose Silver, Fred Tatasciore, and Tom Kenny. Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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