While promoting her Good American shoes on IG, Khloe wore a huge diamond ring. Many think that this was his subtle way of announcing an engagement.

Could it be a wedding in the near future for Khloe Kardashian? the keeping up with the Kardashians star flaunted a huge diamond ring while promoting her Good American brand on Instagram, leaving fans wondering. This isn’t the first time that Khloé has sparked engagement rumors. In December, Khloe and True vacationed in Boston with Tristan Thompson. During her trip, Khloe was seen rocking a diamond ring during a family day out. This appears to be the same ring.

What keeping up with the Kardashians As it draws to a close and more clips of the final season are released, fans have gotten a taste of Khloe and Tristian’s relationship status. A clip shows Kim Kardashian asking Tristian how things have gone between the two. She explains that Khloe obviously wants to be together since she spends a lot of her time with him, but she may be scared of what people will think. A different trailer revealed that Khloe and Tristian are actually trying to have baby number two. Aside from another baby, the marriage has also been in talks for Khloe and Tristian.

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Are those Kardashian wedding bells ringing? Khloe Kardashian has once again hinted at a possible engagement. She She took to Instagram to promote her new line of shoes for her Good American brand. Although the main focus of the post was meant to be shoes, something shiny caught the attention of fans; a huge diamond ring. The photo was taken of Khloe from the waist down while kneeling on the ground outside. He meticulously placed his left hand on her nearly naked body around the hip area, showing off the potential engagement ring. Even half of the nude colored heeled boot in the photo was cut out. While Khloe left the generic title, simply stating the release date of the shoes, she acted as if the ring was not even in the photo.

Fans were quick to jump to conclusions in the comments, completely ignoring the post’s main purpose, his shoes. One comment joked that no one was paying attention to their shoes as their ring was distracting them. They wondered if this was actually Khloe’s subtle way of announcing her engagement to Tristan, to which someone added “If this were for the boots, we would see the boot. “As fans congratulated Khloé on her body, a comment was read”That engagement ring makes your ass look small. “The oversized diamond was described as a”ice rink on your finger. “Stylist Dani Michelle, who dressed the famous family in the past, wrote”I’m open-mouthed for two thingssssss.

As fans recently complained that Khloe’s Instagram has been boring lately, it seems Khloe changed that with a bit of excitement. It is perceived to be the same diamond ring that Khloe wore in Boston on vacation; However, since his return home to Los Angeles, fans haven’t seen much of the ring. While this post was intended to be a promo for her new shoe line, it appears Khloé had some alternate intentions. Frankly, how could you promote the shoes when the shoes are barely featured in the photo? Perhaps Tristian’s potential proposal to Khloe will be seen in the final season of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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