Of the three existing phases in the MCU, fans unanimously rank the second phase as their least favorite. While it has a couple of the best movies in the franchise, it’s also heavily weighed down by some of the less popular movies in the entire universe. Phase Two started with Iron Man 3, that some like, but not many others.

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This was followed by Thor: The Dark World, one of the worst movies of the franchise. However, after that came Captain America: The Winter Soldier Y Guardians of the Galaxy. While Avengers: Age of Ultron it was a weak follow, Ant Man it was a fun movie to end the phase. In general, unfortunately, there are only a few details within Phase 2 that don’t make any sense.

10 Mandarin was not Mandarin

The first MCU movie was Iron Man 3, And fans were expecting the movie to start off with a bang. The announcement that Mandarin would be the film’s main antagonist was exciting. Comic book fans were already especially familiar with Mandarin and were eager to see him played in the MCU.

However, Mandarin wasn’t even really Mandarin. Instead, he was an actor hired by the movie. true villain, Aldrich Killian, as a decoy. Because Mandarin is already an existing character, it doesn’t make sense for him to be a fake person in this movie.

9 Tony Stark had his arc reactor removed

When Tony Stark was first injured in Iron Man So desperately that he needed the arc reactor placed on his chest first, he knew there was nothing he could do to remove the object. If he did, he would die from the shrapnel that pierced his heart.

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Even when the arc reactor is poisoning him, he needs to find a way to get a new arc reactor; it doesn’t even operate then. However, in Iron Man 3, the surgery is suddenly inexplicably fine, and Tony Stark no longer needs his arc reactor.

8 The Reality Stone does not instantly destroy Jane Foster

The Infinity Stones are supposed to be immensely powerful items. When the Guardians of the Galaxy hold the Power Stone together, they nearly disintegrate. When Thanos, Tony Stark, and the Hulk wear the Stones on their own Gauntlets, they are all incredibly injured.

However, Jane Foster, a human female, is able to survive the Aether, which is actually the Reality Stone, by possessing her body for an extended period of time. The fact that the Stone does not instantly disintegrate his mind and his guts does not exactly track.

7 Loki somehow survived and took over from Odin

There are many problems with Thor: The Dark World, but one of the most obvious is the way he clumsily handles Loki’s character. While Loki is a fan favorite, Thor: The Dark World He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.

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He has a completely dramatic death at one point and returns for no apparent reason to take over as Odin and oppose his brother. All of this seems to come out of nowhere and runs through your entire development up to this point. Fortunately, Thor: Ragnarok saved the Thor trilogy Y Loki’s character in equal measure.

6 Steve and Bucky don’t end up together

a man walks away from an unconscious man by a river

One of the best movies in the MCU is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which Bucky returns from the dead (apparently) as a brainwashed HYDRA assassin. In this movie, Steve is willing to risk everything to help and protect Bucky. He even sacrifices his own life.

Also, Steve’s appearance is enough for Bucky to get over his HYDRA brainwashing and have to reboot again. The fact that this movie is about Steve saving Bucky, and Bucky saving Steve in return, in his own way, makes it strange that the two don’t end up together.

5 “We Are Groot” is heartwarming, but Groot can’t really tell


Towards the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, it is clear that the titular Guardians are in danger of dying in a boat accident. However, Groot can use his ability to expand to protect them. In his little protective cocoon, Rocket Raccoon demands that Groot not do this, that he will die if he does.

In response, Groot tells him, “We are Groot.” While this is a poignant sentiment, Groot never actually says, “I am Groot.” Is talking; people who don’t understand their language alone hear “I am Groot.” As such, I couldn’t really say this.

4 Tony Stark is off the wall

Tony Stark Ultron Avengers Age Of Ultron

Tony Stark is already acting a little weird in Iron Man 3, but, at the end of that movie, he decides that he will no longer be Iron Man. He destroys all of his suits for Pepper and launches his arc reactor into the sea. For Avengers: Age of Ultron, however, all this is apparently a thing of the past.

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He’s back with the Avengers and has no problem being Iron Man. More than that, deciding to create and unleash Ultron seems like a completely unhinged decision. Even the characters within the MCU struggle to understand Tony’s thinking about this choice.

3 Quicksilver instant kill

MCU Behind The Scenes Feuds

As the MCU grew bigger and bigger and the Avengers team expanded more and more, fans were excited to see the characters they loved from the comics make their way to the big screen. Some surprising performances were Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

Even more shocking, perhaps, is the speed with which Quicksilver died. He was featured alongside his twin sister, so fans were hoping they would stick around for a while, but Quicksilver died in Avengers: Age of Ultron unexpectedly.

two Hank Pym didn’t just destroy his research

All the catalyst in the movie. Ant Man It’s the fact that Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man, is trying to hide his super shrink tech from organizations like SHIELD and other bad guys. He sees a lot of danger in people trying to replicate that shrinking technology, so he decides to give up SHIELD and hide his technology forever.

However, it continues to develop this technology and never destroys it, despite the apparent threat it poses. If it really was as dangerous as Hank Pym believes, it should have completely destroyed it long ago.

1 They skipped straight to Scott Lang by Hank Pym

Scott Lang Ant-Man

Many superheroes are inherited characters, as one character originates a superhero title and then passes the role to someone else when their time is up. Ant-Man is one of those inherited heroes in Marvel Comics and in the MCU. However, Hank Pym barely had time as Ant-Man in the MCU, and he cannot fight in the Avengers alongside his friends.

Instead, the franchise jumped directly on Hank Pym and headed straight for Scott Lang. While both characters are interesting, it’s weird and it really doesn’t make sense that Hank Pym has already been Ant-Man and moved on.

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